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D Harper D Harper
June 12 @ 10:57am
Getting Started on Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA. List of resources and links. Look to the left here for LINKS to find a number of links to various resources. Difference between a YDNA test and autosomal testing.Who should do and why? (See Link on left under LINKS) When you join the project you will be asked to send in a direct line from your Smith or Schmidt down to you and also upload a gedcom to FamilyTreeDNA. Why? Because it isn't enough to know who you may or may not match but how you may match is key and a tree line enormously helps the process. You can either send a direct line gedcom or you may use this form for listing on the big tree at, which is the one big tree repository for the Smith DNA Project. (See Links on left) Please address questions to which uses a shared inbox so all the admins can see questions and comments in one place. Results for new kits typically take about 6 weeks to come in. When they do, you as well as we will be notified, we will see who you may match and, if YDNA, place you in the correct matched grouping, if one, for viewing on the FamilyTreeDNA's Classic YDNA chart. We also keep a more inclusive copy of the group on to include autosomal, mtdna and tree only. Group list: (See Links on left) If you have done an autosomal test, you can and should write all the matches you have in the list to determine which ancestor/line that person belongs to. Quite often, your match will not supply a tree, so will need to be emailed. If you know for sure of matches that match you on Smith/Schmidt, please let the project know so we can reach out to them and hopefully include them in a match for you. The Smith DNA Project is run by volunteers. Sometimes life keeps us busy with other projects; if you believe you are falling through the cracks, please send an email to with your kit # or other info. has a forum where you can pose a query, do a roll call, look for project updates, information on YDNA or automal tests to help understand them. If you post from a given person page, ie, John Smith b 1772 Ireland, your query will not only display on the forum but also at the bottom of that person page for others to see. You need to be registered to post on the forum. (See Links on the left) Smithsworldwide, being one tree, uses a system of creating a *branch* for your line. There may be others who share, if not your exact same line, the same ancestors. The purpose of this is to have one tree and not redundant trees to try to sort through. If you wish to edit your part of the branch, you need to have sent a tree line AND be registered on where the one big tree is. That will also allow you to be contacted by passersby who are also logged on. We enjoy photos. Photos need to be submitted, the submission link is on the person pages. We have a Smiths member photo list as well and encourage you to send in a photo, along with kit # or other identification so we can know who you represent. Smith DNA Project photo album (See Links on left) We are always in need of other volunteers to help in the project, whether from listing trees to updating results to answering questions.
Gerald Smith
June 22 @ 8:50pm
Gerald Smith Kit No. 27897Recently had 23and Me expanded DNA don't know how to uploadNeanderthal Ancestry 212 Variants Maternal Haplogroup H1 Paternal Haplogroup R-U152 Ancestry Composition See Report British & Irish 49.6% British & Irish French & German 32.3% French & German
D Harper
June 29 @ 10:31am
Two things. 1. Consider updating your YDNA markers to at least 37, you have 12 now which is so general as not to be specific enough. Second, if you'd like to put in a note on your branch on, you can put the above information in, say DNA notes, which will show up on the branch for your kit page.
j  T j T has a question!
June 19 @ 5:47pm
John Henry Smith, ????
j smith
July 1 @ 2:53pm
Hi Mike
j smith
July 1 @ 2:55pm
Mike Sorry about that, yes the group is R-M269-32. I will look into those surnames. I know for sure Greene is one Malcom Greene married Erie Smith
Michael Smith
July 7 @ 9:48am
Hi J, My group is I-M253-17 so no direct connection between us, though there is possibly side connections through the Green line or female Smiths.
j T
July 12 @ 9:32am
Hey Thank all of you so much. I Do have Davis and somehow from John R Smith. thank you so greatly. any and all help. thank you
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
July 11 @ 7:06pm
D Harper D Harper
July 10 @ 12:37pm
New Member, autosomal DNA tester, descendant of Duncan McArthur m Margaret Smith - from Scotland to Tasmania, Australia
D Harper D Harper
July 10 @ 11:20am
New YDNA matched grouping-don't have the tree yet for the newest YDNA tester, but the one that is there is from James William Smith b 1887 England m Ellen Hilley
D Harper D Harper
July 10 @ 10:53am
2 New members, brother and sister, autosomal testers, descendant of Martin Smith b 1821 NY m Clarissa Winchell > Portage County Ohio >Daviess County, Missouri. What is needed is to find a male Smith descendant of Martin to do a YDNA test to help narrow this down.
D Harper D Harper
July 10 @ 9:47am
New YDNA results in, member matches into Group GRP-I-M253-31 -we don't have the tree yet so don't know how this might be.
Clif Smith Clif Smith
June 27 @ 6:16pm
waiting for Big Y results. Had to get a new sample, so it has been delayed. Hoping to get results in late July-Early August. Purchased on one of the super sales. I know we have to pay extra to get the raw data. Can you tell me what steps will be needed once we get the results? Marilyn for bro Clif
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D Harper
June 30 @ 12:25pm
Just came in. Looks like your kit is the only one so far that has done Big-Y. You do have a non-surname Smith match. Next step is to encourage others in the Benjamin Smith lines to do Big-Y.
j smith
July 7 @ 11:47am
D Harper which Benjamin Smith line?
D Harper
July 7 @ 2:11pm
Here's the group GRP-I-M253-25 Clif is, as you can see, the one person who has done Big-Y and there are 5 other Benjamin Smiths with YDNA and one with autosomal. The others also match on YDNA.
j smith
July 9 @ 11:24am
Thank you. I matched with Clif and Marilyn on autosomal level and since a Benjamin is my earliest know male smith I was hoping there would be a connection there but no, I am R-M269-32
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
July 9 @ 10:02am For my wife who's mother's family is of East Tennessee. County Atrim [(London)Derry], County Down [Belfast], Ulster north Ireland. May be in cases Anglicised Scot's Gaelic, where Smith in some cases may be Anglicized Irish Gaelic. Region also of the Ulster Scots language;
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
July 9 @ 9:44am
My H27a mtDNA travels the 'Smith Bridge'.
Mark Elliott Mark Elliott
July 9 @ 9:38am
Been posting to FTDNA McGowan, and in finding similarities to name origins; A number of Glasgow region south, obtains lands in northeast Scotland, and have a migration there, along with to the Ulster Plantation of North Ireland. Call this the 'Irvine' migration after James M. Irvine admin to the FTDNA Irwin surname group, and has a book. Latest published book. The Irwin Surname Paperback – March 25, 2020 by James M Irvine (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating See all formats and editions Paperback $17.99 5 Used from $14.00 6 New from $17.98 Call the Lancashire - Dublin surname bridge the 'Smith bridge', and the northern Debatable lands to Ulster Plantation the 'Young bridge'. Young is a surname of Anglo Scottish Borders of Young John, when there is an older John, what is used by migrants of these people to the Appalachians in southern America. My Y-DNA migrated over the 'Young Bridge'. The bridge which the Smith (Gowan of the Gaelic) traveled over between Lancashire, and Dublin region I call the 'Smith Bridge'.