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Smith Official (All)

Official Smith/Schmidt/Smythe/Smidt DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA
  • 4383 members

About us

Smiths Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA has, as of April 2020, over 359 defined matched groupings, with over 1955  people grouped or matched with someone else. That is out of the over more than 4250  people currently in the project. Our goals are to find matches and hopefully groupings for all members or provide pointers for other alternatives. 

Following is the list of groupings in the Smith DNA Project. Note that every section has a general haplogroup subgroup that includes everyone for whom there is not yet a match. Once we see that there is a match for an unmatched kit, we move that kit into an existing group or create a new one. If you see an error or believe that there is a match in the ungrouped category, please let us know. Clicking the link at the beginning of each subgroup will take you to the part of the FamilyTreeDNA classic YDNA chart with the kits represented. (Please change the PAGE SIZE at the top of the YDNA Classic chart to 5000 so that all the results show on one page; or you can page through the results; or you can set the page to 5000 and then use your browser FIND to find your group)  If your results have recently come in, they may not as of yet be categorized. Please also keep in mind that the Smith Official DNA Surname project is run by volunteers and be patient.

FULL List of YDNA results categorized by Group

See Also TREE LIST of Smith/Schmidt who have submitted trees to Smithsworldwide.  Also expanded group list with tree references. Kit numbers are only on the FTDNA report pages, you can id the groups by group number on Smithsworldwide reports