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Charles Brown Smallwood Charles Brown Smallwood
September 4, 2017 @ 4:48pm
As a Surname Project, we are most interested in how we are all related, as well as when and where our common ancestors lived. The charts in the DNA Results section indicate that our current related group members can be grouped into four branches. Based upon the rate of mutation of the Y-STR markers, the earliest common ancestor of all of the related group members lived before 1400. Members in Branch 4 do not have any known mutations later than this, so more recent connections cannot be determined for that group. Members in Branch 3 do have later mutations indicating that they are on a later branch of the Smallwood tree being descended from a common ancestor that lived between 1400 and 1600. Members in Branch 2 carry even later mutations indicating that they are on an later branch with a common ancestor living between 1600 and 1700. Members in Branch 1 have the most recent mutations indicating that their common ancestor lived after 1700, possibly being the first American branch on the Smallwood tree. New members will be assigned to each branch, or new branches, as their test results indicate. Current members who have not tested to at least 67 markers are encouraged to upgrade so that their placement on the tree can be adjusted. Everyone is also asked to update their Earliest Known Ancestor under their Account Profile. As of now, every indication is that the Smallwood Surname originated in the Cheshire area. Please post your questions or comments here so that we can all begin to understand our connections better. Thanks! Charlie Smallwood