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The Slovakia DNA project was launched December 11, 2004. This is the start of a very exciting journey that will broaden the knowledge of our unique and ancient Slovakian heritage. The greater the participation in this project, the more we can learn. Please keep in mind that our earning power is generally greater than that of our Slovakian cousins, and DNA testing is costly. Contributions to this project are appreciated. Dakujem!

Oct 30, 2015: Y-DNA haplogroups put into order.
Y-DNA composition of members with Slovak paternal ancestry (members of the same family counted as 1) - 95 different lineages
45,3% R1a-M417 (13,7% R1a-L260; 7,4% R1a-Y2613; 6,3% R1a-Y2902; 3,2% R1a-L1029; 1,1% R1a-YP372; 13,7% unknown subgroup needs Z283 SNP pack) note: subgroups are predicted
13,7% I2a1-L621 "Dinaro-Carpathian" type
10,5% I1-M253
9,5% R1b-M269 (4,2% R1b-U106; 1,1% R1b-Z2105; 4,2% unknown subgroup, need M343 SNP pack) note: unknowns likely P312
6,3% E1b-V13 ("Illyrian")
2,1% each: J1-Z1828 ("Dagestanian"); J2a-M92; J2b-M241; N1c-L1025 ("Lithuanian")
1,1% each: E1a-M44 (Sub-Saharan); G1a*, G2*; I2a2-M223; J1-P58 ("Semitic"); R2-M124