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About us

We have 38 Y-DNA participants in the Sherman Project. 17 have the "Sherman" surname. 4 individuals have a Sherman genetic footprint but do not have a Sherman surname. 4 individuals are genectically Shermans but due to adoptions/non paternal events, they do not have the Sherman surname.  There is one Scheirmann.  Below are the 5 Sherman's who came to America in the 1630's from England and many of modern day Sherman's in the U.S.A. are descended from these 5.

                         Philip, Captain John, Edmund Jr, Reverend John, Honorable Samuel and William "The Pilgram" probably not related to the other 5

We are currently trying to resolve the ancestry of kit #208794 and kit #141552 who are an exact 67 marker match and both have roots back to Pennsylvania in the 1700's and 1800's. 

There are paper trails/family tree's which seem to match the Genetic markers for Hon. Samuel Sherman and Phillip (The Immigrant) Sherman of Rhode Island.  One kit who appears to relate to William "The Pilgrim" Sherman.

4 kits have an exact 67 marker match with paper trails to Phillip (The Immigrant) Sherman of Rhode Island. There are 2 other kits who are not exact 67 marker matches but have paper trails to Phillip.

Hopefully in the future the project will receive samples from the other early immigrants to America.

One kit which has a Sherman genetic match but not the Sherman surname could be either Phillip or Hon Samuel.

Georaphic representation of the most distant ancestor in our group is:
8 England
2 Germany
1 Poland
1 Russia
1 Scotland
1 Ukraine
5 Unknown