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1. To identify major SHANNON family groups. 2. To share genealogical information. 3. Within each major SHANNON family group, find and encourage 2 SHANNON males to represent that group by DNA testing 4. To provide an on-going and growing resource for all Shannon researchers. 5. To enlarge our SHANNON DNA database. 6. To seek out and encourage SHANNONs from other countries to participate with us thus possibly allowing integration of lost lines.

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Nathaniel Shannon of Boston
Reference: Shannon Genealogy: Genealogical Record and Memorials of One Branch of the Shannon Family in America complied by George E. Hodgdon (Rochester, NY: 1905)

Canadian Shannons
Shannon Lectures

Northern Ireland/Scotland/Canada/United States/Australia The Descendants of John Shannon is an extensive history of one Shannon branch prepared by Andrew Shannon of Australia. Hawick Scotland most frequent community of origin. Contact webmaster for information.


Guide to the Shannon-Scott family of Texas papers, 1848-1942, bulk dates 1875-1906

Phillip Shannon biography
Shannon List on Rootsweb Archives

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Famous Shannon’s from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
•Bob Shannon, wrote first bulletin board system (BBS) for the Commodore VIC-20
•Claude Elwood Shannon, information theorist
•Darryl Shannon, former NHL player
•David Shannon, author
•Frederick A. Shannon, herpetologist
•James Shannon, Democratic politician from Massachusetts
•James Jebusa Shannon, Anglo-American painter
•Mike Shannon, former American baseball player, sportscaster
•Molly Shannon, actress on Saturday Night Live
•Paul Shannon, television presenter
•Randy Shannon, football coach of the University of Miami Hurricanes
•Scott Shannon, radio personality
•Sharon Shannon, Irish musician •T. Sean Shannon, comedy writer
•Terry Shannon, computer technology journalist
•Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
•William V. Shannon, former editor of the New York Times

Claude Elwood Shannon Father of Information Theory

Governor Wilson Shannon

Counties Named Shannon

Shannon Cemeteries
Giles County
More Giles County
Additional Shannon Resources