Scottish mtDNA Project

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About us

The Scottish mtDNA Project is primarily for individuals looking for help in identifying the Scottish origins on their own direct maternal line of descent and who support the goals of the Scottish mtDNA Project. 

We advise all participants to join their appropriate mtDNA haplogroup project. The Scottish mtDNA Project aims to support and promote the best possible participation of these projects. 

We strongly encourage all participants to add details of their most distant known direct maternal ancestor to their Family Tree DNA account. To do this:

• Log into Family Tree DNA 
• Select the
Account Settings menu (found in the dropdown menu next to your name)
• Earliest Known Ancestors tab
• Under Direct Maternal Ancestor enter the 'Name and Birth/Death Date' (can also add town/county details here) and use the dropdown menu to select Scotland as the 'Country of Origin' for your most distant known direct maternal ancestor

Here is a typical example of how the details can be entered: Janet Beaton, b.1799, Auchtermuchty, Fife

Maternal Ancestral Locations for your "Most Distant Known Ancestor" 
1. Go to
2. Navigate to the geographical location (controls at top left side of map)
3. Click on the location - a blue location pin will appear
4. Above the map, at the left side, is a box with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of your chosen location
5. Record these figures
e.g., Latitude 55.873 Longitude -5.941

Return to the Earliest Known Ancestors tab
1. Go to the Maternal Ancestral Locations section
2. Under Location, enter the location of your most distant known direct maternal ancestor
3. Type in the recorded figures for Latitude and Longitude
4. Save