Scotson family research using DNA
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About us


The Scotson Surname DNA project

Y-chromosomal DNA (Y-DNA) 

This is the most important testing for our project, this being the paternal line DNA. 

This DNA remains practically unchanged as it is passed down from father to son, hence its importance.

Ladies cannot take this test, but they might like to finance this testing for a SCOTSON male.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

This is maternal line DNA, passed from mother to daughters and sons. Sons cannot pass this on, but the daughters do.                                                                                               

Autosomal DNA 

This is useful to identify both male and female-line relatives for any person, as it can be used by anybody to identify any possible relative regardless of gender.

How to participate

Simply press "join" and follow the instructions to order a kit or sign in (you can only sign in after ordering a kit). 

It you are male it is preferable to order a Y-DNA37 test which is normally $119, but by contacting me you can get a considerable reduction.

If you are female then the mtDNA test is for you, but it is more profitable to finance the Y-DNA testing for a Scotson male in your family 

The Goal

The aim is to have at least one male representative Y-DNA tested from each SCOTSON tree listed on the Background page.

The goal is to discover if all those born with the SCOTSON name have a mutual forefather, and what is their geo-cultural background 


If you have questions, or are interested in participating, please contact the project administrator:

                Allan Scotson, PO Box 17, 57201 SAVONLINNA, Finland     


                           Tel. +358-15-510550

                           Skype: ascotson   WhatsApp +358-44-5105700



 Thanks for your interest