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October 3, 2016

At this point in time our group has had several additional NGS tests done and we have determined that around 2000 years ago we divided into two distinct clans. The Schrag clan and Stirnimann clan. Further testing of the Schrag clan leads us up to about  450 years ago, when we have the following “Wynigen” Switzerland branch of ‘Schrags formed, which occurred after being in Switzerland for about 1500 years. It is interesting that the two clans have continued living as neighbors to this day.  Schrag clan:subgroup is  J-Y20306

  Y20306  Y20567 Y20573 Y20575. FGC45327 FGC45338 FGC45339 FGC45340 FGC45341 FGC45345 

The above 10 SNPs  are available for testing  for assigning generations to some as yet untested Schrags.

During the last 450 years,the Schrag clan determined by test YF05349 has detected an additional  9 SNP mutations of which four are deemed good for testing.  Part of our project now is assigning these  to various generations.  These 3 SNPs are available for testing.

A12472,  A12473, FGC45374  

The Schrag clan determined by test YF03103 has undergone an additional 3 SNP mutations whose place in the generations of Schrags .needs to be determined.  The following 3 SNPs are available for testing.

A12449,  A12450,  A12451

Also about 2000 years ago the Stirinimann clan underwent the following 12 mutations whose location in time needs to be found through further testing. The current designation of the Stirniman Clan Haplotype is  J-Y20307*.  The following 12 Stirnimann Clan SNPs are available for testing..

A12499,  A12500,  FGC 50114,  FGC50115,  FGC50116,  FGC50121,  FGC50124, FGC50126,  FGC50127,  FGC50129,  FGC50130,  FGC50135

In addition, we have specified SNP Y20566 (which occurred 2000-6000 years ago) to be used as a preliminary confirmation  SNP for our group, which is also available for order.

May 4, 2015 

Our group now has its own facebook group

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April 24, 2015

Exciting news!  The Schrock-Schrag-Schrack and Stirniman Surname Group has its first Big-Y and results are in for  
Kit # 192731.  I will let Bonnie fill in what we've learned. Because of the Big-Y test, we are now able to use SNPs at a
more recent time frame.  We need to have another individual in our group have a Big-Y test.  This individual needs
to be at some genetic distance from us Schrags, so the Stirnimann branch best fit the criiteria.  I have tried to have
mine done, but at a GD of 7/111 I am too closely related to #193731;   I have donated $100 to the Schrock
general fund for a Stirnimann Big-Y.  For the next week or so FTDNA will offer $100 off the price.  So if any of you are
willing to help some please let me know.  No need to contribute before we know it's a go.  Thanks for thinking about it.
I will be sending a e-mail to the group with this information.  Forgive me -Strnimann Branch=  for posting this before
notifying you.  


April 16, 2015

 Hello Schrag Cousins

I’m Tim Schrag .  Your group Administrator Bonnie Schrack, has asked me to help as a co-administrator of the project.   I am one of those Schrags who kept the Swiss spelling of the name as we moved to the US  But we have westernized the pronunciation a bit, so we say Schrag that rhymes with “bag”---yes, I don’t know how many times I grew up being called Schrag-bag!


I was surprised to find out how many members there are in the group.  Some of you are  recent members so I especially want to welcome you.  So far,  member’s names are anonymous, so all results are given by kit number only.  Anyway, I have no secrets, so I am kit N131809.

I am certainly not a DNA expert, but am learning and am finding it all very fascinating..   I hope be in touch with you on the group.  If you have any question please feel free to e-mail me.


Good news! I've finally gotten in touch with a Schrag genealogist from Switzerland, and I hope he will help us make more contacts there, so that eventually the various Schrag branches in Switzerland can be tested. Most of the Schrocks and Schrags in America are from Wynigen in Canton Berne, Switzerland. Will we match the Schrags from Cantons Lucerne and Zürich? Already this friend is helping to sort out the early branches of our family tree. Anyone interested, please get in touch. We currently have participants who represent two of the main branches of Schrocks in America. Kit #N8644 is descended from Hans (John) Schrag (Schrock), who arrived in 1766 from Alsace. His 12 marker results show a perfect match with #9856 and #30740, who are descended from Ulrich, demonstrating that Hans and Ulrich were indeed closely related! The tradition tells us that they were brothers. We really need people from ALL the branches of the Schrocks, Schrags, and Schracks to join the project!

Bonnie Schrack