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About us

Hi, and welcome to the SCHREIER surname project!

We are interested in performing y-chromosome DNA testing of people with the surname SCHREIER or its common spelling variations, including SCHRIER, SHRIER, SCHREYER, SHREYER, SCHROYER, SHRYER, SCHRAYER, SHRAYER, SZRAJER, etc., in order to look for common ancestors and common lineages.

Most people with this surname had roots in one of two areas. The first group had their ancestral origins primarily in Bavaria and a few other areas in Germany. Some of those people immigrated to the eastern United States during colonial times or just after the American Revolution.

The other group of SCHREIER's (and associated names) were spread across what used to be called Galicia, which was a former province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and which is today the border region between eastern Poland and western Ukraine. There are also some from the nearby area that used to be called Bukovina, which is today the border region between southern Ukraine and northern Moldova.

We would like to try to reconnect these two groups into a larger family tree, if possible.

If you are a male and your patrilineal line (that is, your father's father's father's...father's line) has the surname SCHREIER or one of its spelling variants, please consider joining our project. Hopefully, you'll find a relative here. If you are a female, please ask your brother, father, paternal grandfather, or father's brother to take the test.