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About us

Descendants of Jens Pedersen Schielderup, second bishop to Bergen, Norway, born ca. 1509 in Skjellerup, Hobro, Jylland, Denmark. Died 1582 in Bergen. Married to Susanna Leonardsdatter, born ca. 1520 in Denmark, died ca. 1584 in Bergen. They had 10 children. The Schjelderup DNA project seeks to connect all the descendants of Jens Schielderup through dna testing and sharing of information. All variant spellings are welcome.

All desendants are welcome either through the paternal line (Y-DNA test), the maternal line (mt-DNa test) or the autosomal test (Family Finder test)

How to join:

- if you have not tested yet, order your new test here:

- if you have already tested with FTDNA (or the Genographic project):
1. log in to your FTDNA account with your kit number and password
2. click "my FTDNA home"
3. click "join projects"
4. write "Schjelderup" in the search field
5. click the highlighted project name "Schjelderup"
6. click "request to join" at the bottom of the page, with an additional comment on your family line regarding the Schjelderup family.