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About us

Our surnames of interest are Sanders or Saunders (and variant surnames). This project aims to connect individuals interested in exploring their family history and promote the use of genetic testing to assist genealogical research. All members are encouraged to join in discussions, compare DNA results and share trees relating to the Sanders/Saunders family names.

If you are a male with one of the included surnames or female and are interested in researching your direct paternal line further, you are welcome to participate in this project. This project study is using the DNA test that looks at a portion of the DNA called the Y-chromosome. The Y-chromosome is unique to males and can be used to identify one's direct paternal line. For this reason, females cannot contribute directly, but can find a male relative (father, brother, cousin, etc.) to be tested as a representative of her line.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Although this FTDNA group works closely with its counterpart group towards a single Sanders/Saunders Y-DNA Project, in would any results, personal information or contact details ever be exchanged between the two groups (except where express permission is given or a member chooses to make their data available themselves). Both groups are working towards the .