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The Samaritans are an authentic sample of Ancient Israelite DNA.
We need:
  • All the palindromic STRs, particularly DYF399S1
  • Full mtDNA sequences for the three individuals with Samaritan maternal grandmothers
There are dozens of projects about "Jewish", "Israelite", "Hebrew", "Sayyid", "Arab", and "Semitic" DNA, and if everyone in each of these project contributed even a modest amount, all the above testing goals could be easily met.

Documentary about the Israelite Samaritans:


Beliefs, practices, and history (differences from Judaism):

Traditions and ceremonies:


Genealogies of the surviving male lineages tested here:

Genetic studies:

Partial modal mtDNA haplotypes from Shen et al. (2004):
T2a1b1a + G12454A T16288C
U7a1 + T15511C

Some Israelite Samaritans carry a unique mutation for Usher Syndrome type 1B:
The mutation is in the gene MYO7A exon 40 R1861X (C>T)


The Samaritans have ancient Israelite ancestry from the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Levi. 

They also documented admixture with Second Temple Persian Era Judeans:

Nehemiah 11:
Josephus Antiquities chapter 11:
Members of the Northern Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh from Samaria also lived in Second Temple Jerusalem:
1 Chronicles 9:

The sources in Jewish Law about the prohibition of Jews from intermarrying with Samaritans (in Hebrew):

About the Samaritan Priests (Cohanim):

According to Josephus (Antiquites, chap. 11), the Samaritan High Priesthood was founded by a son of the Jerusalem Zadokite High Priest named Manasseh, who married the daughter of the Governor of Samaria Sanballat. This Zadokite line existed until the death of the last Samaritan Zadokite High Priest Shelemiah ben Pinhas. The High Priesthood then went to the Samaritan Levites, who claim descent from Itamar son of Aaron.

About why the Samaritan Levites would be E1b1b1a3-V22:
A Biblical textual critical perspective on the origins of the Israelite Levites:
by L Waterman - 1941 - Cited by 5 - Related articles - All 2 versions
Moses, Phinehas, Pashur, and Hophni. To these, others have added. Assir and Merari. As a matter of fact, the Egyptian origin of only one ..
by TJ Meek - 1939 - Cited by 7 - Related articles
questionably Egyptian, viz., Moses, Assir, Pashhur, Hophni, Phine- has, and Merari. Waterman disposes of Moses on the ground that he was not a Levite,31 but ...

The following are three bar charts of the Identical By Descent (IBD) sharing in Morgans between these "Afro-Asiatics" and the three Israelite Samaritans who have been tested by Behar, as calculated by Dienekes.
First, the table of the ethnicities of all the "Afro-Asiatic" Behar and HGDP samples used by Dienekes, listed by sample ID:

The bar graphs for IBD sharing with each of the three Israelite Samaritans.
Scroll down the page and mouse over the bars to see the sample IDs and exact sharing in Morgans.

Since the time of Alexander the Great the Samaritans have been completely isolated genetically. Tens of thousands of Samaritans were killed by the Byzantines after the Samaritan Revolt of 529-531 CE. Only 146-144 families have been documented after that time. More Samaritans were forced to convert after the Islamic Conquest and the Crusades. Only 5 families remained Samaritan after 1618, and one of these died out in 1912-1967. 

The Samaritans are one of the most genetically isolated populations on earth.