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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Updated: 8 July 2012


Group R1b1 Family C

  • Adam Rutherford b 1614 Roxburgshire, Scotland - rutherfordcpa [rutherfordcpa AT]
    • Robert Rutherford  b 1640 Jedburgh Parish, Scotland
      • Robert Rutherford Jr.  b 1663 Old Rappahannock, VA
        • John Rutherford  b 1689 Old Rappahannock, VA
          • William Rutherford  b 1727 Essex County VA
            • Thomas Rutherford  b 1760 VA
              • Thomas Rutherford Jr. b 1794 VA d 1878 Campbell County, TN m. Sarah Johnson
                • William Rutherford b 1826 VA, d 1900-1910 TN m1 Martha m2 Rebecca Lawson m3 Martha Jordan
                  • Elijah Rutherford b 1853 Hawkins Co, TN d 1917 Fonde, KY m Catherine Campbell

·      William HRutherford  b 1892 Campbell County, TN m Eliza Wyrick

Group R1b1 Family E

  • John T. Rutherford b 1752 Essex Co., VA m Mary Locke - Tim Rutherford [trruth AT]
    • Lloyd Rutherford b 1786 MD m Nancy
      • Hugh L. Rutherford b 1833 Anderson Co., TN m Elizabeth Sharp
        • Rufus Rutherford b 1854 Anderson Co., TN m Hana Hibbs
          • Hugh L. Rutherford b Anderson Co., TN m Talitha Ann Queener
            • William E. Rutherford m Jane McCullough 194297

Group R1b1 Family G

  • Samuel Rutherford of NC, SC, or GA m Cynthia Parnell - GJR [aikane47 AT]
    • Henry Rutherford b 1804 GA d c1865 AL m Mary Alice Davis
      • Frances Amanda Rutherford b 1830 GA d 1916 OK m James Monroe Daniel
      • John A. Retherford b 1833 GA d 1914 FL m Thursey Ann Pate
        • Henry F. Retherford b 1857 AL d 1939 FL m Callie "Caroline" Dawsey
        • John Chester Retherford b 1863 AL d 1914 FL m Mary McCrone
        • James Monroe Retherford b 1866 AL d 1940 FL m Eliza Jane Pelham
        • William Tell Retherford b 1870 AL d 1944 FL m1 Molly Pelham m2 Winnie Davis
        • Samuel Aaron Retherford b 1874 AL d 1948 FL m Mutual Lee Pettis
      • Rachel Rutherford  b c1836 GA m Howell S. Cobb
      • Abigail "Abbie" Rutherford b 1840 GA d c1903 FL m1 John L. Leavins m2 Smith Layport
      • Sarah J. "Sally" Rutherford b 1843 GA d 1905 OK m Albert J. Gibson
      • James Rutherford b 1845 AL d 1863 TN (Civil War)
      • Samuel R. Rutherford b 1846 AL d 1885 TX m1 Susannah Chester m2 Mary Elizabeth Clancy
      • Cynthia Ann Rutherford b 1849 AL d 1889 TX m John B. Jack Brunson
      • Henry William Rutherford b 1851 AL d 1887 AL m Hannah Elizabeth Dupree

Group I1 Haplogroup

  • James Rutherford m. Mary Smyth - walr [walr AT]
    • James Smyth Rutherford b. 1844 Eglinton. Belfast. Ireland m. Catherine Elizabeth Totten
      • James Rutherford b.1864 Ireland d. 1866
      • Annie Rutherford b.1866 Ballarat Aust. d. 1873
      • Elizabeth Rutherford b.1868 Victoria. Aust. m. George Thomas Rodgers b1860
      • Mary Rutherford b.1870
      • William James Rutherford b.1872
      • William Smith Rutherford b.1874
      •  John Rutherford b.1876
      • Henry Mollseet Rutherford b.1878 m Catherine Shaw
        • Rose E Rutherford b1892 Preston Melbourne. Victoria.
      • Jessie Mary Rutherford b 1880. Sydney, N.S.W Australia.
      • Annie Isobel Rutherford b 1881. d1940 New Zealand.
      • Joseph Malcolm Rutherford b1882  m Agnes Elizabeth Hayes
      • Robert James Rutherford b1884 N.S.W. Aust.
      • Sarah White Rutherford b1888 N.S.W. Aust.
      • Violet. C. Rutherford. b1891. Melb. Aust.
      • Margaret Janet Rutherford. b1896. Melb. Aust.
  • Allen Rutherford, b.1803 Co Down, d Sept 28, 1851 Noble co OH m Ann O'Neal - Becky Rutherford [sizlegal AT]
    • John Rutherford b 23 Oct 1830 Pos. Pittstown, NY, d 15 Dec1916 Fay, Washington Co., OH
    • Mary Ann Rutherford b 25 Aug 1832 ?Pos. Pittstown, NY, d 11 May 1909 Vinton Co, OH
    • Joseph Rutherford b 26 Sep 1834 ?Pos. Pittstown, NY d 21 Feb 1914  OH m Caroline Brown
      • George Allen Rutherford b: c1858 in Noble Co., OH
      • Mary Anne Rutherford b: 1860 in Noble Co, OH
      • Arbella A. Rutherford b: 25 Nov 1861 in Caldwell, OH
      • James William Rutherford b: c1865 in Noble Co., OH
      • Lillie Rutherford b: c1867
      • Emma A Rutherford b: 25 Oct 1868 in Sarasville, Noble, OH
      • Eva Luella Rutherford b: 3 Apr 1871 in Sarahsville, Noble, OH
      • Hiram Nelson Rutherford b: 12 AUG 1872 Noble Co, OH m Woody Ray Bozman
        • Helen Rutherford
        • Donald Rutherford b 16 Mar 1928 in Sarahsville, OH
      • Joseph Garfield Rutherford b: 1876 in Noble Co, OH
      • Ethel Rutherford b: 1882 in Noble Co, OH
    • Samuel Rutherford b 20 Dec 1837 Monroe Co., OH d 28 Jun 1920 Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio
    • James Rutherford b 26 May1839 ?OH d 1865
    • Robert Rutherford b 12 Dec 1840 ?OH d 23 Feb1929 in St Louis, MO
    • William Rutherford b 22 Jun 1843 OH d 1 Sep 1851 in Marion Twp Noble City, OH