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So far we have confirmed that two of the furthest flung branches of ROWBERRY Tree One, the "RUBERY Family of Tipton and Yorkshire" and the "ROWBURY Family of Essex" are indeed related, with their common ancestors back in Herefordshire.

Then we discovered that the "ROWBERRY Family of Lugwardine" (to which the Butchers of Hereford belong) is related to the ROWBERRY alias GOMERY Family, the family of the Project Administrator, Polly Rubery. Further research is needed to see if we can determine the exact link. Then the first GUMMERY participant joined, he is also part of the ROWBERRY alias GOMERY family, so it was a great relief when his results matched the two previous ones, proving once again that the paper trail is correct.

Since then single tests have been taken by members of the following trees, ROWBERRY Trees Two, Three and Four; RUBERY of Medway and RUBERRY of Cornwall.  We still await the results of the latter, but so far the former have all been distinct haplotypes and we need further participants to move the research forward.