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Rouse / Rusch / Russ / Ruoss / Etc.

Y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

The purpose of the ROUSE Y-DNA surname project is to genetically define and identify the different families and find your match among them.

Y-DNA STR testing of the male Y-chromosome is a powerful tool for identifying genetically related men with a common ancestor on their patrilineal line (father's father's etc... father).  It can confidently support your membership in your own family and firmly separate you from other, non-related families.  Y-DNA testing is highly successful in breaking down brick walls and debunking errors in paper genealogy.

To make these determinations with confidence, the project recommends testing 67 markers as the "sweet spot" in Y-DNA STR (short tandem repeat) testing for genealogical purposes.  Testing to a sufficient level is all the more important in surnames with a great deal of variation in spellings.

Only males have a Y-chromosome, so only males can participate.  If you are female, please do not join yourself to the project.  The way a female participates in a Y-DNA project is to be the Contact for a male relative, so please have him join — or join for him — in his name, including your email address on the account.  The DNA sample legally belongs to the test subject, so the test subject must be the one whose name is in the Name fields of the account.  The email addresses on the account are the keys to accessing it and the project's Activity Feed and to receiving Notifications and Bulk Emails from FTDNA.

If you are a male not surnamed ROUSE (or variation), but are finding you are genetically matching one closely, you are also welcome in the project.  You may have an NPE in your patrilineal line, and I'll be happy to help you determine if it's really the case.

Progress in genetic genealogy, just like progress in paper genealogy, is dependent on the sharing of information.  So, to participate meaningfully, members will need to share at least their earliest patrilineal line ancestor, preferably including the upload of a GEDCOM of their patrilineal line ancestry.  You will also need to sign the Release allowing display of your results and set your privacy options to share results.  While sharing of results and ancestry are obviously necessary for a Y-DNA surname project to fulfill it's purpose, your identity and email address will never be put on public display or revealed by the project administrator.  Your name and email address will only be revealed privately to your genetic "matchees."