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Roll-Rall, etc.

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About us

The ROLL-RALL, etc. Surname DNA Project (including the many variants listed above) was organized in 2003. Having read many success stories in matches with DNA for genealogical purposes, we decided that it is time to try to advance ROLL/RALL, etc. research. DNA identification in the many cases may help when there are no written documents to help to prove one's ancestry. The success of our Project will depend on the number of male participants who join our testing group, as well the documentation of the known research connected with each unique line regarding dates and locations of birth, death, marriage, etc. Please contact and encourage males of the ROLL, RALL, RAWL, etc. surnames to participate in our Project to help to ensure its success. The Y-DNA testing identifies markers for the male Y-chromosome that is passed, only, from father to son through the generations. Therefore, the testing requires a male with one of the above mentioned surnames or possible other variant. If you are a female with one of the surnames (etc.) or a female researcher, you may have a husband, uncle, brother, male cousin, etc. willing to volunteer in your place. We have chosen Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX as our testing company. The testing laboratory will be analyzing either the 12, 25, 37, or 67 markers on the Y-chromosome. If the markers of two or more male individuals match, it will indicate they descend from a common male or variant surnamed ancestor. It will not identify the specific ancestor, but through the sharing of family information with other participants, that ancestor could be found. It is our opinion that the 25, 37, or 67 marker test is much better at reporting the kind of data that we need to determine that we are related, as the 12 marker test can find many matches that are not close in generations to most research. If you desire to start at the 12, 25, or 37, you can upgrade from one of these to a higher marker test at a later date. As a member of the surname project, it is expected that you will share what you know of your family history and your earliest known ancestor. This earliest ancestor could be 2 to 10 or more generations back. Perhaps the earliest known is yourself. This is to help to identify each unique ROLL or variant known lineage with others who match DNA. The project organizer has no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization and receives no compensation for services or expenses involved with the project. At present, the webpages involved with this project is for information, lineages, and posting DNA results of participants. Although as a participant you receive a discount at FTDNA, that by no means suggests a business partnership or other relationship between the Project and the Laboratory. All funds are payable only and directly to the Laboratory. The project organizer will not be the recipient nor steward of any DNA samples and has no responsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty to act on behalf of participant in mediation of any dispute between the Participant and the Laboratory. While a match between two participants may indicate that they share a common male ancestor, it will not identify the specific ancestor and there is no guarantee that every participant will match another participant. By participation in the project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project. Join the project by clicking on link at left and ordering your individual kit. When kit arrives, follow directions. Return kit including the special waiver form that comes with the kit so that FamilyTree DNA will have permission to share results with Project Coordinator. Then e-mail to Project Administrator (Audrey): your family's Earliest Known Ancestor and family information for our chart. Family Lineage information should include: 1. Your Family's Earliest Known Ancestor, including as much history, dates, & places as is known. What is shared about a family line will be up to the individual testee or his representative or researcher. This information will hopefully help others connect their family to your family, if and when like Y-DNA is found. 2. Send lineage from your earliest known ancestor down to you (the testee). 3. Testee's or researcher's name & e-mail address. The name of the testee will not be given unless that individual desires and gives Audrey permission to post. However, it is requested that we receive a name and e-mail of a contact person(s) or family researcher for each family group. Without any contact information, no one will be able to contact someone when there appears to be a common ancestor coming into play. 4. Pertinent Websites or Webpages (Optional) 5. The Family Group Charts, Lineages, Information, and any comments provided by others are solely the responsibility of the Testee and/or Contact Researcher providing them concerning a particular family line. They do not reflect the opinion, research, or belief of the Project Administrator or Coordinator. The purpose of the chart and lineage is to help identify each individual of like DNA, then provide the opportunity for the participant to share his/her lineage as known or believed at this time. There is no guarantee that any information is correct. The Project Administrator/Coordinator and Co-Coordinator are not responsible for problems that arise from content found within the lineages of each participant. The Project Administrator/Coordinator and Co-Coordinator is not responsible for disputes, conflicts or other problems between web site visitors, participants, and researcher(s).