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About us

We are exploring the familial connections of all Roderick and related families which can be from several ethnic groups: Welsh, German, French Canadian, Portugese, and Hispanic. The Welsh group have related names Rodrick, Rotherick, Prothero and similar all derived from Rhydderch. We have extensive genealogical information on these families from Wales who remained in Wales and also emigrated into England, U.S., Canada, Australia, Africa and elsewhere. Since Rhydderch families began in South Wales, it is possible that they connect even prior to the assumption of stable surnames. Nearly all Roderick families living in England are originally Welsh. In the U.S., the German families stem to a large extent from the Rothrock Family. We need more German participants. The very large French Canadian family originating in Quebec stems from a 17th century Portugese immigrant named Jean Rodrigue. In the U.S., they live largely in Maine and northern New York. We need DNA from this family. There are many other Portugese Rodericks in Cape Cod and Eastern Massachusetts. Many Hispanic families named Roderick live in the southwestern U.S., probably mostly derived from Rodriguez. We have some Rodriguez families. Roderick is rarely a surname in Scotland and Ireland. Other nationalities in much smaller numbers have also assumed the name Roderick after migrating to the U.S., probably from a name of similar pronunciation or spelling. Our Y-DNA database is growing steadily and is now yielding evidence of family connections. But we do need further Y data from all the surnames in our group.