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About us

We hope to find relationships between the Roddy and Roddye lines and connect with others who have similar research interests.  We are also seeking to see if there is a signature Roddy DNA profile and if not how closely related the different DNA profiles are.  We can help identify the lines by all new YDNA testers entering as much information as they know.  Please enter your earliest known ancestor, dates for your earliest known ancestor, and please enter the location of your earliest known ancestor.  It seems as if several lines may be related with a few minor differences.  Having this additional information may help unconnected Roddys, Roddyes and Ruddys be able to connect and find a common ancestor.   It may also help those who have tested find a link with a researcher with similar interests. 

It is my hope that we can see several unconnected lines test.  We would also like to see a test for the Hugh Roddy line, the Col. James Roddye line, the Daniel Roddy of TN line, the Alexander Roddy line, Roddys in Ireland and Roddys in other countries other than Ireland and the US. 
Thank you to all who are participating!