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Robbins/Robins DNA

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About us

Since 2004, when this project began, there has been an enormous amount of discoveries about DNA and the way that it can identify family groups. Out of the participants of this surname group, we have found that there are specific groups of people within the study that share haplogroups that identify them as descendants of certain people. 

Family Group 1

The descendants of Daniel Robins of NJ, seem to all have the specific DNA haplogroup of L-23, or R-M64 through Big Y testing,  which is the shorthand version of R1b1a2a. In order to progress to a terminal haplogroup, further testing will need to be done for this family group. If you are in this group, but do not have a prediction of L-23, then perhaps further testing is needed beyond the 12 markers that list you as a M-269, or a R-P311. No members of this grouping have had a Big Y test, although some have tested for the L-23 and the Z-2105 SNP markers independently. The results may change dramatically for the group, and all groups in this study, once Big Y testing or individual SNP tests are brought into play.