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About us

Our goal is discovery of all Riggs or Rigg families and their origins in England (or elsewhere). Several distinct lines have been identified. In the USA, the modal signatures for two Riggs 17th-century immigrants have been formally established on 67 and 111 markers, and two others are firming up. The Riggs and Rigg forms of the surname are not definitive as regards place of origin. We now have over 200 members. We need more English members, please.
To work out where you fit in with good clarity, you will need to test at 111 markers.

To contact the group administrator, email alvydna @ alvyray.com [but omit all spaces]

To contact the co-administrator, email gpring @ internode.on.net (but omit the spaces) -for Dorset related inquiries or other.

Joining requires that you order a test kit from FamilyTreeDNA. There is a group discount rate that applies when you join through this group (in addition to the the GA's initial contribution, if any). All transactions are between FamilyTreeDNA and the member. The study group shares only in the YDNA matching information that results from the test (a list of numbers).

For further info see http://alvyray.com/Riggs/DNA/. The site http://alvyray.com/Riggs/ features 9 books and 10 papers about the Riggses, plus miscellaneous other information. Please visit. Nearly all of the books and papers are downloadable and free.

Other names listed who are probably Rigs/Riggs are Rek, Reks, Reeks, Reekes, Rig. This occurred in 17th century England depending on who the scribe was and what they interpreted the name as.