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About us

If you are a Ridsdale, Rudsdale, or some other variation on these surnames, we invite you to join this project and participate in a study to help sort out the various Ridsdale families. Please order your kit, join and sign in to the project page, provide us with information on how to contact you by email, and share your known Ridsdale lineage so that we can help show you what group you belong to as the project grows over time. The standard test that we are recommending for all study participants is the 37 marker Y-chromosome test. As we are looking for common ancestors that are between 5-12 generations back, the test with the higher number of markers is necessary to confirm family connections. The testing can only be done on males named Ridsdale, etc. because it is looking at paternal line data only. A woman can participate in this Y-chromosome test by paying for (or convincing) a male Ridsdale relative to take the test.