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About us

Welcome to our DNA project for Ridouts, Rideouts, Rydeouts, Riddouts and the many, perhaps as yet undiscovered, variants of this name [hereinafter referred to simply as ‘Rid(e)out’’]. For the purposes of this project we are using a yDNA test, which can only inform you about a direct male line. Hence, it is of the most value to you if your surname is Rid(e)out or if you have a completely different surname but know that you have Rid(e)out male ancestors. If you are a man, you can submit your own DNA sample (mouth swab) but if you are a woman you will have to find a male relative, for example your father, brother, cousin &c to take the test on your behalf. As this project is very new (October 2012), our results database is still small, but it will grow if we can persuade more and more Rid(e)out men to participate. We hope that eventually we will be able to construct trees, join different lines to each other and maybe, at last, work out just how many Rid(e)out clans there are and where we all came from. Some Rid(e)outs have Huguenot origins whilst others come from very old Somerset and Dorset families but who is who and ... who are you? Join us and you may find out!