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About us

The Richards DNA Project covers the surnames Richards, Rickarts, Rickards, and other variant spellings. The project has been ongoing since November 2003.

We have chosen Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas as our testing company. They are leaders in their field and are associated with Dr.Michael Hammer, Ph.D., Geneticist, associate research scientist in the Division of Biotechnology at the University of Arizona.

The Richards DNA Project uses Y-DNA testing. Only males have a Y-chromosome. And that passes from father to son, generation after generation. Therefore, the test subject must be a male with the surname of RICHARDS, a close variant, or some reason to suspect Richards ancestry. The project is an open one, however, and you do not need permission to join.

Female researchers can participate by submitting a DNA sample from an appropriate male subject.

Family Tree DNA will be analyzing 37, 67 or 111 markers on the Y-chromosome. The choice is yours. Purchasing the most markers that you can afford will increase the quality of any DNA matches that may result. We strongly suggest a minimum of 37 markers.

The success of this project will depend on the number of participants who join our testing group AND their willingness to share the genealogical facts they have documented about their earliest ancestors.

Please, contact as many Richards researchers as you can to encourage their participation.

Genealogy data submitted by members of this group is now available in a Microsoft Word file that can be downloaded here. The old method of displaying subgroup and other member data on individual web pages has been discontinued.

We also suggest you go to Family Tree DNA and explore the many resources under FAQ.

Richard Hill, the volunteer administrator of this project,has an entire web site devoted to finding family with DNA testing.  Check for more educational information.

NOTE: This project accepts donations for additional testing on targeted individuals. Specifically, we would like to get Y-DNA tests on Richards men living in the United Kingdom. Typically, they are less interested in DNA testing than Americans, because they already know their lines back hundreds of years. We hope to connect with and test some of these Richards men.