The Reynolds Surname Y DNA Project: 300+ Y-DNA tested members since 2002
  • 416 members

About us

The goal of the Reynolds Surname Y DNA Project is to facilitate and coordinate Y DNA testing for males bearing the Reynolds surname in order to enhance Reynolds genealogical research.[*]

The project will achieve this goal by using Y chromosome DNA to:
1.  Identify genetic relationships between Project members;
2.  Organize Project members into groups/branches based on genetic proximity;
3.  Identify the terminal SNP, or “Y DNA signature”, of each of the Reynolds Family Association’s line progenitors;
4.  Place Reynolds Project Surname branches and their pedigrees accurately in the tree of mankind;
5.  Provide a platform that members can use to extend their family histories back in time;
6.  Assist members in supporting or refuting claimed origins;
7.  Explore origins, migrations and diaspora of Reynolds surnamed families; and
8.  Promote and promulgate analysis, research and discussion of Reynolds surname history.

*Non-Reynolds surnamed men that have Y DNA signatures closely associated with Reynolds men are also encouraged to join the Project. Analysis of these genetic relationships will enrich our understanding of our historical connections.