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About us

This project has arisen from earlier genealogic research and a project which identified all the Renouf families from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Information on that project can be found on a website A similar project has identified all the Renouf families from Jersey.
Initially it was thought that the Renouf's all shared a common ancestor. This DNA project has shown that this is not the case and between us we have very different ancestry.
So far 14 Renouf DNA samples from men with Jersey and Guernsey origins have been tested at Family Tree DNA;these show that our 14 participants belong to four different haplogroups and that they have at least four different original ancestors.From Jersey we have Haplogroup I1[7] and R1a1[3] and from Guernsey Haplogroups R1b1[2] and R1b1b2[2]. These findings are enabling us to build on parish data from the 1600's and confirm that people are attributed to their right family tree.
We are seeking more MALE Renouf's to undertake the 37 Y-DNA marker test so that all of us will have confirmed genealogic data and will also know more about our earliest ancestry.

The goals of the Renouf DNA Project are
1]] to undestand our different genetic heritages and how our ancient ancestors reached Normandy 2]to establish the linkages to shared ancestors amongst the various Renouf families in France,the Channel Islands,the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Italy
3]to further our knowledge and understanding of the different Renouf histories by tracing their migrations from Normandy over the past 900 years
4]to enable family members to link up
We should be able to answer questions such as 1] which French Renouf families we link to and which towns or villages? 2]which Guernsey or Jersey Renouf family lines are related?3]whether there is evidence of early migrations between Guernsey and Jersey? and 4]whether some of the Canadian and US Renouf families have French origins?

We hope you will be interested in finding out more by joining the Renouf Surname Group Project.