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Almost all of the above surnames immigrated to North-America.
Those surnames in capital letters above reflect the donor surnames we have represented in our project so far.
Surname Rank in America per 1990 USA Census:

est.# ____ rank of surname
20919 ____1573 REDMOND
18437 ____1383 RUDMAN
12474 ____2660 REDMAN
07843 ____4189 REDMON
05459 ____5803 Rothman
05340 ____5935 RODMAN
01041 ___22949 REBMAN
00750 ___29625 Rotman
00612 ___34904 Redmann
00530 ___39111 RUTMAN
00479 ___42604 Rebmann
00241 ___74675 Rothmann
00219 ___80502 McRedmond
00172 ___97848 Readman
00135 __118954 Readmond
00115 __134929 ROTHMUND

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The ancient Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, says, in speaking of the creation of man (book#1 chapter#1) that "Adam",
in the Hebrew tongue, signifies "one that is red & the first man being made of red earth was therefore called Adam".
In the "Types of Mankind" (page 573) NOTT & GLYDON admit that the word AdAm, consists of 2 words, which,
when applied to man, signify "red man". This may refer to when God created Adam & breather life into him,
it was the blood that began to flow in his veins taht gave a healthy ruddy glow (i.e. a human being),

Morphological changes resulting from pronunciation & spelling variations has contemporary
REDMOND genealogy researchers investigating such variants as listed above ... & perhaps others,
as we try to link families together in North-America & push ancestry back to our respective European origins.

The REDMOND & variant surnames DNA Project is an effort to ...
- make sense of the varied REDMOND lineages
- define & elaborate on affinity between the various lineages
- help participants open new lines of research to get around brick walls in their family trees
- provide the means to match participants who may be unaware they share a common ancestor,
within a scientifically determined timeframe which may provide the clue to identify their unknown ancestry.

This DNA test is done on a region of the Y-chromosome that has no biological function.
There are no medical or health issues connected to these markers, other than paternity,
so there are no more privacy issues for this set of numbers than there is for the public awareness of one's surname.
These markers are useful only for genealogical or anthropological research.
Even so, your results will not be associated with you by name if you join the project. How to Join:

* Current Family Tree DNA Customers - Go to your Family Tree DNA personal page.
At the top of the page, next to your name & kit #, click on the blue icon labeled "Join".
This will bring you to a page with the title "Group Join".
In the search engine box, type "REDMOND" & click to go to the relevant page.

 * National Geographic's Genographic Project members -
Any one who has been tested by the Genographic Project can upload their results for free to Family Tree DNA & then join projects.
To upload your results to Family Tree DNA, go to your Genographic Project "Results" page.
At the bottom of that page it says "To learn more about your family history". Click on that & follow the steps & your results
will be added to Family Tree DNA's database. Then use the instructions above for Current Family Tree DNA Customers.

Up to date pricing info can be found at ...

Just click on the link labeled "Join this Project" in the upper left hand corner of this page.
This will send you to a page where you can fill out the form to join & order a test kit.
There is a pulldown menu at the bottom of the form with all the test options (including mtDNA tests) & prices.
If you already have your DNA results, please forward your info to the email address at the top of this page.


A study conducted at Trinity-College in Ireland,Dublin found that a striking percentage of men in Ireland
(& quite a few in Scotland) share the same Y chromosome, suggesting that the 5th-century High King of Ireland,
Niall Noigíallach d=abt.450 (also known as "Niall of the 9 Hostages") may be the ancestor of 1 in 12 Irishmen.
Niall established a dynasty of powerful chieftains that dominated the island for 6 centuries.



Sweden Finland 13_24_14_10_11_14_12_12_12_13_13_29

Niall R1b Europe Ireland Ireland 13_25_14_11_11_13_12_12_12_13_14_29

Y Haplo Possible time of origin Possible place of origin
30,000 years ago Africa-west

20,000 years ago Middle-East
20,000 years ago Nordic
age uncertain
25,000 years ago Semitic
20,000 years ago Mediterranean

10,000 years ago Native-American-Indian
R1a 30,000 years ago Europe-east
R1b less than 20,000 years ago Europe-Atlantic
Human mitochondrial DNA haplogroups:
MT Haplo Possible time of origin Possible place of origin
N 75,000 years ago India or Asia-south
R 70,000 years ago India or Asia-south
U 60,000 years ago Africa-northeast or Asia-southwest
pre-JT 55,000 years ago East-middle
JT 50,000 years ago East-middle
U5 50,000 years ago Asia-west
U6 50,000 years ago Africa-north
U8 50,000 years ago Asia-west
pre-HV 50,000 years ago East-near
J 45,000 years ago East-near or Caucasus
HV 40,000 years ago East-near
H over 35,000 years ago Asia-west
X over 30,000 years ago Europe-northeast
U5a1 30,000 years ago Europe
I 30,000 years ago Caucasus or Europe-northeast
J1a 27,000 years ago East-near
W 25,000 years ago Europe-northeast or Asia-northwest
U4 25,000 years ago Asia-central
J1b 23,000 years ago East-near
T 17,000 years ago Mesopotamia
K 16,000 years ago East-near
V 15,000 years ago Iberia & moved to Scandinavia
H1b 13,000 years ago Europe
K1 12,000 years ago East-near
H3 10,000 years ago Europe-west (Spain)

Map for origins of the various female haplo groups is available at


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