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Red Hair Variants

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About us

The Red Hair Variants Project was created to collect data from members who carry at least one of a number of red hair variants on the MC1R (Melanocortin 1 Receptor) gene in order to find out which variants prevail in which geographic regions and to see if there are any trends in connection with y-dna and mtDNA haplogroups. In requesting to join, please let us know which red hair variant(s) you carry and how you know you carry it or them (i.e., what test results you have). If you know that your red hair variant or variants came via one side of your family or the other, please let us know that, too. Please be aware that the public web sites of FTDNA projects display y-dna and mtDNA test results. In order for your ancestor's name, etc., to show up on our web site, you must have had either a y-dna str test or an mtDNA test with FTDNA.