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The Rayburn DNA Project was established in 2005 to analyze Y-chromosome tests on any male with the Rayburn surname.

This includes all spelling variations.

This is a partial list of the Rayburn patriarchs we are following.  

They were born before 1750.

1.              Richard RAIBORNE (RAIBONE) was born about 1649 and died about 1732 in Henrico Co, Virginia

1679June2- Tythables For Henrico County - Richd Rabone

1689Aug20-Richard Rabone, William Withers and Thomas Taylor bought property (cattle?) from orphans of Robert Bullington for 40 pounds at Orphans Court held at Varina, Henrico Co, VA

1689Oct-Age 40, signs a depositionin1688-1697 Deed & Will Book, Henrico Co, VA (Pg. 91)

1695Apr2nd - Signed a deposition in Henrico Co stating age as 30 (1688-1697 book) - Really 46?

1716Apr2 - At age 67, signed a statement for a court proceeding. Testified knowing Francis Ware, the eldest son of Jacob Ware, who had been minister of Henrico Parish for 20 years.

Will - Henrico Co, VA  Dated 21 Dec 1730, proven 7 August 1732

Named 5 sons and 2 daughters in his will. George, Richard, John, William, Charles, Mary, Sarah

Thomas Rabon may be another son. (see number 4 below)

Most of his sons went south into the Carolinas and Georgia

Land Adjoined land of Thomas and John Farrar, Henrico County Will & Deed book of 1688-1697, p. 439

2.            John RABON         Birth: before 1657

Mentioned in a 1678 land Record, Henrico Co, VA-From Adventurers of Purse and Person, 2nd edition 1964, p. 384


Not knowing what the Lord hath ordained or at what tyme he may take out of this life, I doe settle my estate of lands as followeth: I give & bequeath to my sonne Thomas all my lands below the ware and to keep the ware run for his Bownes till it shall come to ye spring at ye hed & then to follow a bottom on ye lower side of the clearing of John Rabon, to the hundred roade path, and then on a straight roade or course to the land of Coll. Petter Ashbrooke,

Proved in Henrico County Court the first day of Feby., 1678/79, Henrico County Records (Deeds & Wills) 1677-1692, p. 68

3.                Joseph REYBURNE m. Margaret? COURTNEY? He was born about 1682 in Ireland or England. He was married about 1707 in Virginia or Pennsylvania.

1698Aug27-Left England for America

Joseph Reyburne of "Waser in Staffordshire" (ed. - probably Walsall), shoemaker, apprenticed to Mr. Bryan Blundell for Virginia (5 Years) - Blundell is a well know transporter of persons and probably sold the apprenticeship on arrival.

4.            Thomas RABON        Birth: bef 1692

Received livestock and items from Godfather Thomas Stubbs of Varina in his will.

1677-1692 Will and Deed Book, Henrico Co, VA.

May be a son of Rich'd Raibone. See #1 listed above.

5.              John RAYBORN m. Rebeckah; He was born about 1701 and married about 1722.

Possibly  son of Richard Raibone (#1)

23Mar1715--Received 80 acres on the south side of Stoney Creek, Surry County

18Feb1722-Received patent on 300 acres / north side of Nottoway River adjoining Gabrill Harrison, Prince Georges Co, VA

13Oct1727-Received patent on 695 acres / north side of Nottoway River adjoining Henry Baylis, Samuel Harrowell, Prince Georges Co, VA

Amelia, Brunswick, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Nottoway and Prince George Counties were created from Henrico and offspring counties

Children baptized in Bristol Parish , Henrico, Prince George and Dinwiddie Counties, VA

Richard Rabun     May 28, 1723

Thomas               Sept. 16, 1726

John                   Nov. 29, 1729

6.              Richard Raiborne m. Jean

Possibly  son of Richard Raibone (#1)

Child baptized in Bristol Parish , Henrico, Prince George and Dinwiddie Counties, VA

Jean      April 28, 1732

7.               James REYBURN was born in Augusta Co, VA or Lancaster, Pa abt 1710. James died aft 1760 near Moffett's Creek, Augusta Co, VA. About 1730 James married Elizabeth COLE?, in Augusta Co., VA

Possibly son of Joseph Reyburne (1682-), #3 listed above

In Sep1753, He owned 130 Acres on Moffet's Creek-Surveyers Records-Augusta Co, VA-FHL #30138

Mentioned on Page 365, Vol. III of the Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia   LC 65-15351

Descendants in "It must be wonderful to have ancestors"-FHL 0893714


Joseph (~1733-~1800)

Adam (<1735-~1798)

Margaret (~1743-)

May have had another son Robert b. 1735, see #14 below.

Also possible sons:

James, b. abt 1732, went to KY from PA

John, b. 1739

8.                Edward REBURN m. Margaret ROBINSON; He was born about 1718 in Augusta Co, Virginia. He was married before 1742 in Augusta Co?, Virginia and died about May 1754 in Augusta Co, Virginia.

Possibly son of Joseph Rayburn (1682)) & Margaret Courtney

16May1754. Margaret's bond as administratrix of Edward Reburn, with sureties Robert McMahon, Henry Reburn.

Will mentioned in Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Children:             Charles (~1742-)

                              Andrew (~1743-)

                              Henry (~1747-~1840)

                              John Edward (~1750-~1824)

                              Agnes (~1752-~1817)

                              Margaret (~1754-)

                              George (Not Proven) (~1755-1828)

9.                Henry RABOURN m. Jean or Jane ROSS? ; He was born about 1720 in Ireland and was married about 1749 in Ireland. He died about June 1792 in Montgomery Co, Virginia.

1760-Possibly a ranger in the French & Indian Wars

From 1760-1787 lived on 100 acres on North fork of "Shennandoe" river in current day Rockingham Co, VA - was in Augusta Co until 1778

1792June29-Estate recorded at Montgomery Co, VA

Colorado Genealogist Magazine, Vol. 8, page 33 "Descendants of Henry Rayburn of Virginia" by Parke Jones and John T. Roberts

Possibly born in what is now Northern Ireland according to the Dictionary of Alabama Biography


               John (~1745-~1808) md Jean McLaren. Lived on the North Fork of the Roanoak River.

10.           William RABURN; He was born about 1725 in Virginia? (Other possible birth locations include IRELAND and Pennsylvania.) He was married about 1755 and died about 1794 in Kentucky.


1775-Daniel Boone, William Ryburn and others opened the "Wilderness Road"  - Kentucky in Retrospect, 1702-1742 by Kentucky Sesquitennial Commission, 1942

1781Mar1-At Strode's Station, Old Clark Co, KY, when it was attacked by natives- Kentucky in Retrospect

A William Raburn was on the 1782 Tax list of Montgomery Co, VIRGINIA

He settled a few miles south of what is now Mount Sterling, Kentucky near modern day Levee. Although he lived on about the same property, it was successively included in Kentucky County, ; Madison, Fayette, Clark and finally Montgomery County, Kentucky.

1787-Tax List of Madison Co, KY (Montgomery Co. KY not yet formed)

1794-Wrote a "Deed of Gift" (Proved-25 Mar 1794) giving son Henry all his land goods and chattels.-Recorded in Clark Co, KY (Montgomery Co. not yet formed) Rayburn Story

Children:             Robert (~1755-~1831)

                              William (~1758-~1834)

                              George (~1759-~1828)

                              Ralph "Rafe" (~1760-~1832)

                              Henry (~1763-~1838)

                              David (~1765-~1818)

11.            Thomas RAIBORN. Thomas was born about 1724. Thomas died before1790.

Thomas married Kiziah (Kizzie).

Children:                  Mary (~1748-~1825)

               Thomas (<1766-1799)

A Thos.Raborn was on the Granville County, NC taxables list in 1750.

A Thomas and a John Raiborn were on the 1779 Orange County, NC Tax Records

12.           Joseph REBEARNE m. Dorcas; He was born about 1735.

Child:                      Caleb REBEARNEb. 28 Jan 1759, West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island


13.            Richard RABON                     Birth: before 1729

1750-1754 - Granville Co. Taxables - In that part of Granville Co, NC that is now Warren County.

Richard RABON, John KING, and Robert KING, all of Granville County, North Carolina, Planters, appoint trusty friend William SCOGGIN, our true and lawful attorney to recover of and from Thomas WISE, regarding 225 acre tract patented in the name of William WILLIAMS dated January 17, 1760. Signed by Richard RABON, John KING (his mark), and Robert KING (his mark). Witnesses were Penuwell WOOD, Henry KING (his mark), and George KING (his mark). Power of Attorney was proved in Court on April 28, 1760, by the oaths of the witnesses. Brunswick County, Virginia Deed Book 6, page 509.


14.           Robert REBURN m. Jean; He was born before 1740 and was married before 1761.

Mentioned page 381, vol III, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia   LC 65-15351

Child:     Robert (aft 1761-)

15.           Robert RABOURN m. Susanna; He was born about 1740 and was married about 1760. He died about Jun 1806 in Madison Co, Kentucky.

1805Dec27-Will written

1806Jul06-Will entered for Probate-Madison Co, KY Will Book A

Children:             Elizabeth (~1761->1800)

                              John (~1770-)

                              William (~1772-)

                              Polly (~1773-)

                              Susanna (~1777-)

                              Peggy (~1778-)

                              Rebecca (~1780-)

                              Joel (~1782-)

           Mary (~1784-)

16.         Matthew RABUN      Birth: 15 May 1744, Halifax, NC

Served in American Revolution as Commissary Officer in Halifax Co., North Carolina 1776-1779.

1785-Moved to Wilkes Co, GA

1786-Moved to Hancock Co, GA

Death:      19 May 1819, Hancock, GA

Child:       Governor William RABUN  (1771-1819) of Georgia

County of Rabun, Georgia named in Honor of Governor William RABUN

17.           Joseph RAYBOURNE was born about 1748. He died about 1793 in Edgefield Co, SC

1790 Census - Edgefield Co, SC

Will dated 12 Jan 1793-Edgefield Co, SC

1st Marriage - Spouse Unknown

Children:             John (~1765-)

                              William (~1767-)



2nd Marriage - Ann

Children:             Alexander (~1775-~1820)

                              Anthony (~1776-~1832)

                              Joseph (~1779-~1828)

                              George (~1785-~1833)

                              Ann (~1786-)

                              Susannah (~1787-)



18.           William RYBURN m. Mary TERRY; He was born about 1748 and was married on 30 Aug 1773 in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia.

Took the  Oath of Allegiance in Pittsylvania County, VA in 1777

1782 Census of Pittsylvania Co, VA