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About us

The universal quest... to find our origin. To find why we are where we are. Monumental task, of course but exciting.

There are several isolated and unconnected Ramos surname family groups. The DNA project will try to establish benchmark Y-DNA profiles of each of these family groups.

Our Project Objectives:
To match individuals and families who share a common ancestor of the Ramos surname.
To chart the Y-DNA amd mtDNA samples submitted.
To establish common ancestors among project participants.
To eliminate research brick walls.
To validate existing family research.
To determine areas of further research.

It is our hope that many Ramos families will participate in this project allowing us to develop a scientifically proven DNA database of Ramos and specific family groups. Please, contact as many Ramos researchers and Ramos family members as you can to encourage their participation in our Project to help to ensure its success.