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About us

In October of 2008 I ordered the23andMe test. On November 11, 2008 I received my results and forwarded my"Y" SNP's to Adriano Squecco who maintains a spreadsheet for people looking for new SNP's. The next day Adriano informed me that I had a new value at what 23andMe calls i4000226; I had a "T" where the ancestral value is "G". Since this SNP was known as P89 for Haplogroup Q and I was R1b then there was some question whether the 23andMe result was correct. I brought this to the attention of Thomas Krahn at FTDNA who then tested me for P89 and confirmed my result in January of 2009. It was soon offered by FTDNA in the Advanced Orders menu under U106. This SNP is a parallel mutation that also exists in Haplogroup Q as a private SNP below MEH2 for its subgroup Q1a(ISOGG)and is called P89.1 for that Haplogroup.

I have set up Ysearch 8DSZF for a possible 67 marker modal for this SNP. The data so far is very limited but at the present time I expect a haplotype that has DYS389=11,27 and DYS385=12,12 to be positive for P89.2. So far no one-off transitional haplotypes have been tested; DYS385=12,13 is one that I would like to see tested.  The newest P89.2 positive people are Safford 210346, Stewart 175544 and Stafford 191017  who have DYS385=11,13 instead of theDYS384=12,12; I believe that a cluster with DYS385=11,13 and DYS389=11,27will be ancestral for P89.2 but there are some in that cluster that are negative for P89.2

In December 2012 I received my National Geographic’s GENO 2.0 which again showed me positive for P89 and a new SNP called PF4142 that again was found in another haplogroup first! PF4142 is now available for test and I am working to have some candidates tested for it. Up-Date - all P89 people that have tested for PF4142 have tested positive so it appears to be at the same level as P89.

In November of 2013 I received my Britains DNA Chromo2 results. Below my Z307/6/5/4 this test adds S1809(DF96),S25234 and S11477. S25234 is older than S11477 which is older than P89. A surprise in Chromo2 is that there are 2 new haplogroups that also have P89 so P89 has happened as 4 separate events so far!

Currently I am working to have some of the P89.2 negative people tested for S25234 and S11477 to better understand the STR structure for P89.2 and above.

Current dates of our major SNP's as calculated by Dr. Iain McDonald in September 2015 are:

U106        2582BC

Z156        2322BC

DF96        1373BC

S25234        902BC

S11477        56BC

P89.2        817AD

A7218        1799AD