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About us

R-L238 is a branch of R1b under the large R-P312 group


This project aims to explore the subclade. Please join if you are confirmed L238+, or strongly suspected through DYS385=11-13 and DYS439=11 at Y12, perhaps also DYS446=15 at Y67.

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If you wish to help sponsor BigY tests for L238+ males, please consider donating to our fund, see link below.

Subclades of R-L238

So far little is known of the L238 group, and we need many more testers, especially for BigY. Our updated L238 SNP tree is visible also in the Big Tree service

SNPs under investigation:
  • Z2245 and Z2247 - these might be parallel to L238
  • Y10824
  • Y11662
  • PF4581
  • PF2754 

Y-full tree

As more L238 men do the BigY, we will discover further potential subgroups.