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R-Z56 Y-DNA and Subclades

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About us

Welcome to the website of the R-Z56 and Subclades Project. R-Z56 is a major subclade of R-U152. Currently it has 8 main sub branches; BY3548>Z43>Z145 BY3548>Z43>Z46/S47 BY3548>Z43>BY3538 BY3548>Z43>FT15337 BY3548>BY84536 BY3548>FT67350 BY3548>BY90005 Z56>FT251936 In total R-Z56 has 198 downstream branches (August 2021). As more people do the Big Y-700 test, more branches will be added to the tree. The main purposes of this advanced research project is the expansion of the R-Z56 and Subclades Phylogeny by the discovery of new SNPs, the study of their point of origins and their probable migration routes. WHO CAN JOIN: Anyone who has been found to be R-Z56 or downstream SNPs by FTDNA or has been tested for Y STR markers by FTDNA and his R-Z56 or downstream SNPs status was confirmed by another testing lab. If you have yet to be tested R-Z56 but believe you could be, you are invited to contact one of the administrators about participating in the project. This is a public project. The more of us who test and share our information, the more we will all know.