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R-Z18 Subgroups

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About us

The Z18 and downstream Z372 and L257 SNPs have recently been discovered in the haplogroup R-U106. L257 was discovered as part of FT-DNA's Walkthrough The Y (WTY) project and Z18 and Z372 were discovered by careful examination by Greg R. M. on DNA-Forums.org of a few Full-Y results from the 1000Genome project. This Z18 project will investigate Z18 and all downstream SNPs that are currently known and/or will be discovered in the future.

A few of the highlights of the results, e.g. all main subgroups discovered, will be presented here. For presentation of the full results, a separate web site will be used, as that gives us far more possibilities of presenting geographic maps, charts of testing results and all sorts of diagrams in general. This web site is at: www.L257.org. We expect this web site to be renamed to www.Z18.org in the near future.

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