aka the BY4245 project
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About us

We are L2+ and test positive for BY3485+

The path is R1b > M269 > L11 > P312 (S116) > U152 (S28) > L2 > BY3485

The path by location "may" be the Eurasian Steppes> Austrian Alps> Swiss Apls and then broadly scattered from there.

All members of this group must test positive for L2. We suggest joining the U152 Subclades Project before or in addition to joining this one. U152 is the parent clade of L2. Both L2 and BY3485 are tested in the current R1b-L2 SNP pack. A stand alone BY3485 SNP test can be found for $39 via your Haplotree & SNPs page. It is listed under L2. This group is open to any man who has tested positive for L2. Currently, BY3495 includes men from the Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, US, Wales, England, and Ireland.

David Rabáez (Rabai)