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2022, May 31th

DARNLEY LINE Status regarding S781a makers

Negative to YSTR marker DYS493=9, Negative to YSNP FGC74572, Negative to YSNP FGC70765, Negative to YSNP FGC24287

2022, Jannuary 25th

Major experimental SNPs identified concerning various lines (FTT41, FTT42, FTT43, FTT48), especially Lorn/Appin ancestries.

These SNPs are not based on Human Genome 38 references but based on CP086569.1 references built by T2T consortium.

2019, February 15th

A major subclade is identified (S781a). its concerns all cousins FGC74572+ (Identified by co-admin Jeremy Stewart) , R-BY11989+ and with Y-STR off modal value DYD493=9.

2016, October 21th

FTDNA Introduced SNP BY11989 as a new Terminal SNP that subdivide S781 members in two majors lines. 

2014, September 25th

Every time one link to Big Y .bam file is emailed to admins we can compare datas with all SNP yet identified.

Analys on progress at :

2014, September 7th

There are actually 8 BigY testers in S781 group :
E16164, 251918, 315522, 143035, 187778, 128499, 235915 and 115205 cousins

2014, September 5th

BigY tester 315522 is negative to all Corsican Stuart SNPs. His .bam file confirm that point.
Corsican Stuarts (E16164,E16071,E15052) and 315522 Stewart are issued from differents lines.

2014, September 2nd

A total of six 781+ cousins ordered a BigY test.

2014, June 19th

A total of five 781+ cousins ordered a BigY test.

2014, June 16th

New BigY test ordered concerning S781+ family members : 128499 (Appin Line)

2014, June 13th

New BigY tests ordered concerning S781+ family members.
Larry walker's indicates a Diagram and a Strategy.