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R S1051 and Subclades

R1b-S1051 and Subclades Project inc. S1050 or DYS459=9-9 YCAII=19-19
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About us

S1051+ folks should join. R-S1051 subclades include BY10462, FGC17906, FGC17938, FGC17980, FGC19449, FGC42321, FGC9826, S1050, so they should join. STR matches are also welcome. This includes people with the "9919" STR signature of DYS459=9-9 YCAII=19-19 DYS640 = 12. This project is consistent with the R1b Project System(tw).
*** Goals >>> 1) Connect to family, extended families, clans, origins and migrations, 2) Support family research with full genetic genealogy support, 3) Discovery of the Tree of Mankind’s paternal lineages.
*** Themes and Methods >>> A) Refined subgrouping to terminal (most youthful) haplogroups, B) Sorted by Tree of Mankind branching from the Haplotree, C) Long SNP ancestral paths to support Group Time Trees, D) Discussion groups/activity feeds for help and research, E) Public display of FTDNA project reports for haplogroups/haplotypes, surnames, EKPAs, F) Privacy protection for full contact names and info by compliance with FTDNA standards.
*** Key Steps to Take and Project Operations are on the About/Background page. For Q&A check the project Activity Feed or R1b.YDNA FB group.