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About us

The R-L196+ project was established to provide all men testing positive for SNP "L196" to have a place to work together to learn more about our common heritage.  The SNP was found through FTDNA's "Walk through the Y" testing initiative while testing Terry Barton.

At this point, the men who are L196+ are all members of Barton Lineage I.  We believe all of the men in Barton Lineage I carry the L196 SNP, but we have only tested 5 men.  We theorize that our ancestors have been in Lancashire for many 100s of years.  We'd like to think that the Barton family who had Barton Hall just north of Preston since about 1215 are the source of this yDNA and SNP - but that is pure speculation at this time.

We don't know whether L196 is a private SNP for Barton Lineage I or whether it has a wider inclusion.  We do know that many surnames are included in our Barton Lineage I - including Barton, Eskew, Fowler, Holmes, Hutchins, Pitman, Stone & Taylor.  Some are clearly linked to a Barton heritage, but others have no indication of how they came to share a yDNA profile with the large group of Barton men in Barton Lineage I - who apparently hail from Lancashire.