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Feb 2020: Membership in the DF99 reaches 200, increasing by a third over the course of the last 12 months and tripling over the last 2 years.

Feb 2019: Membership in the DF99 Project reaches 150.

Jan 2018: Membership in the DF99 Project reaches 100.

Apr 2016: The R-DF99 and Subclades project is founded at FTDNA.

Nov 2015: The number of those who have tested DF99+ in the R-P312 Project reaches 50.

Dec 2013: R-DF99 is officially added to the ISOGG R haplotree as a subclade of P312 and designated R1b1a2a1af.

Nov 2013: FamilytreeDNA begins testing for the DF99 marker.

Aug 2013: The discovery of DF99 as a subclade of R(1b)-P312 is announced by a geneticist at the University of Sheffield in the UK, based on its identification in two anonymous P312+ samples in the 1000 Genomes Project.