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R-CTS1751 and Subclades

R-CTS1751 and Subclades
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About us

Welcome to the R-CTS1751 and Subclades project.

is a branch of the R1b tree marked by the Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) CTS1751+.

It is a small Y DNA subclade of R-L21, DF13, Z39589, with paternal lineages in Europe and United Kingdom. 

The aim of the project is to place men into the relevant subgroups of CTS1751 when possible, encourage and advise men on which SNP testing may be beneficial and learn what we can about our common roots, ancient migrations and more recent connections.

R-CTS1751 is the main branch of our tree, and is marked by the SNP CTS1751. We all are CTS1751+ as it was present in our common ancestor, a single prehistoric man.  R-CTS1751  has a number of branches that are marked by downstream SNPs. The number of branches discovered continues to grow as more men test.

Anyone positive or a very good match with someone positive for CTS1751+ or one of its downstream SNPs is welcome to join; 

eg; A14684, BY11097, BY111593, BY11843, BY105880, BY127033, BY143694, BY161172, BY175529, BY182882, BY183413, BY184973, BY203122, BY20462, BY212736, BY23568, BY24215, BY3227, BY3927, BY30417, BY30419, BY30430, BY30431, BY30446, BY30558, BY30566, BY30575, BY30595, BY30767, BY54624, BY595, BY596, BY601, BY60462, BY61909, BY70535, BY71093, BY75565, CTS1751, FGC32861, FGC35783, FGC35787, FGC49763, FGC49773, FGC49777, FGC49788, FT236468, FT308994, FT34850, FT65104, FT65718, FT94235, FT94467, S1447, S22219, Y111593, Y128869, Y18435, Y18513, Y30767Y32763, Y44797, Y66814, Y81508, Y92697, Y95074, Y96965, Y128869, YFS2862777, Z17966, Z17967, Z17968, Z17969

Our 67 and 111 Y STRs are very useful for general guidance and for matching at the very recent family level, but they are not 100% reliable since some mutate relatively quickly and go both up and down and back to where they started from.  
SNPs are a much more reliable marker for our paternal lineages.  Theoretically, they are permanent, they do not back mutate, so they can reliably show the branching of our paternal lineages.  The number of SNPs available for testing is growing as more and more advanced testing is developed.
You will want to identify your terminal SNP, which is the youngest SNP mutation that you have, that is on a formal Y DNA tree. Your terminal SNP tells you where you fit from a deep ancestral perspective.

SNP testing can:

1) help you avoid false matches when checking for potential genealogical relationships.
2) help you identify deep ancestral family, clan or historical origins.
3) show you which geographic locations might produce additional matches and pertinent genealogical or historical information.
4) benefit all R1b people in general, as well as science, as we'll have a better understanding of how and when this lineage of men spread across Europe.

As more of us test and share information the more we will know about our common lineage R-CTS1751.

SNP Testing Options   
You can test for SNPS in a SNP pack,  individually  or discover new family SNPs with a Big Y or FGS test.

See the CTS1751 Tree as per The Big Tree;

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 

The "Big Y 700"  is FTDNA's NGS test, replacing the Big Y 500.  It is for deep paternal ancestry, to discover new branches and determine your branch on the Haplotree.

This can be ordered from your Standard Tests product list on a sliding price scale depending on how many STR markers you have tested for previously, eg; 

(I would wait for a Sale before ordering)

This will test for Known SNPs and private Novel SNPs in your paternal famly line.  It can lead to the discovery of new SNPs and branches of the Haplotree,  when 2 men share the same Novel SNPs we see new branches in the Haplotree.FTDNA do not perform a full analysis of your Big Y results,  they report the most downstream "Known' SNP on the FTDNA Haplotree. 
We therefore need to have further analysis done on the VCF and Bam files by either Alex Williamson at "The Big Tree' or by "YFull" to name the "Novel" SNPs and discover new branches.  (Preferably both.)
Yfull can also estimate the TRMCA of 2 matching men, giving us dates for the SNP event.

As a more economical choice in NGS testing, the Big Y should be strong considered by those interested in identifying their family's terminal SNP.

SNP Packs    -   (Please ask a CTS1751 or a L21 Project Admin before ordering a SNP package, so as not to order something not required.)
We have seen a lot of new branching in 2017/2018 via Big Y testing.  The FTDNA SNP pack may not be representative of the best value for men predicted to be CTS1751 at the moment.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 

Full Genome Corp offer a whole genome test. 
Y Elite 2     U $775
GenomeGuide 15x Whole Genome US$795
Whole Genome Sequencing 30x US$1425

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The R-CTS1751 project administrators will automatically add members to the appropriate R-CTS1751 subclade project as their test results indictate and as those projects are available.

Please also join the R1b-L21 Yahoo Group for discussion, support and help: