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Welcome to the R-Arabia Y-DNA Project Who can join this project? In addition to having an (R*, R1a, R1b, or R2) Y-DNA result: 1- Any Arab. 2- Anyone whose oldest known ancestor was born in any of the Arabic Countries. 3- Anyone who has the traditions that his ancestors were Arab. المشروع يرحب بكافة الأشخاص الفاحصين ممن ظهرت نتيجة فحصهم من إحدى السلالات التالية: (R*, R1a, R1b, or R2) و هو مختص بالأشخاص ذوي الموروث العربي من أبناء الفروع و السلالات أعلاه. Note: By joining the R-Arabia Y-DNA Project, you agree to give the admins the authority to add your kit to the following project(s): 1- If you belong to Haplogroup R1a, you will be added to the R1a Y-DNA Project. 2- If you belong to Haplogroup R1b, you will be added to the R1b Y-DNA Project. 3- If you belong to Haplogroup R2, you will be added to the R2 Y-DNA Project and the R2-M124-WTY Project.

جميع أعضاء المشروع و المهتمين مدعوون لزيارة منتدى الحمض النووي

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