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Michał Milewski Michał Milewski
October 23, 2016 @ 6:14am
Dear Project Members! Before you ask any questions here, please read the following instructions posted on an R1a project blog that is run by our co-admin Artur Martyka: http://r1aproject.blogspot.com/2016/02/normal-0-21-false-false-false-pl-x-none_9.html http://r1aproject.blogspot.com/2016/03/normal-0-21-false-false-false-pl-x-none.html http://r1aproject.blogspot.com/2016/03/basic-understanding-of-categories-you.html http://r1aproject.blogspot.com/2016/11/ordering-and-comparison-of-single-snps.html If you are a new project member, please go to our project's DNA Results page (https://www.familytreedna.com/public/r1a/default.aspx?vgroup=r1a&section=yresults) to see which specific category you have been assigned to by our admin team based on your STR and SNP results (this will also show our specific recommendations for your further testing). You may wish to increase the size of that page (from 500 to 8500) to see your STR haplotype being shown among all remaining haplotypes belonging to our project's members (otherwise you will need to visit all subpages one by one before finding your STR haplotype placed in a specific category). In case the classic chart doesn't work (for some technical reasons), try the colorized chart instead (page size 15000). Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient. Also, you need to stay logged in (as a project member) to see the results of all project members, including those who don't want their results to be seen by non-members. This includes your own result in case you have not made it available to all visitors. In case you don't have any STR results (which concerns many people who have transferred their Genographic results to FTDNA), you should consider ordering at least 37 (and better 67 or 111) Y-DNA STR markers, which is needed to assign you to a specific category and to make any specific advice regarding your further testing. Thank you for joining us in our quest to investigate our shared deep paternal ancestry!
Thomas Brown
January 28 @ 10:45pm
I'll echo Hans: Use the colorized chart, and it WILL take longer to load than you probably think you have a right to expect!
Michael O'Malley
January 30 @ 9:41pm
Thanks! That worked for me.
David Feather
February 3 @ 7:46am
Classic Chart just keeps timing out. Tried a different time of the week and day "An Asynchronous Operation". Tried no columns ticked, 12 and 37. Can only receive 15,000 records (not sure if I need more that this). I have waited some time for results. Browsed search for my IN number or my name but this returns a blank. I can search other people on the list ok. I have been to the new member results page to see which specific category i have been assigned to by the admin team but can't find myself there. Maybe its something very basic, perhaps I'm not a member yet.
Anders Andersson
February 3 @ 11:21pm
"These are not the kits you are looking for." - Try the Colorized Chart.
Artur Martyka Artur Martyka
May 29 @ 12:50pm
*IMPORTANT* Dear R1a Project members You may have recently read about or heard of a number of changes to projects and privacy settings of all FTDNA Testers. (This is a new law - GDPR - which has begun). For me, the most important thing you can do for me right now, is to log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on <Privacy and Sharing> and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the <Privacy and Sharing> called <Project Preferences> For R1a Project that I administer along with other staff members, please click on “EDIT” then grant me ‘Limited Access’. (Full access is available only if you give me your kit number and password). Please grant access also to other staff members of R1a Project, all if possible. Otherwise, we won't be able to work on the haplotypes of some project members, whose profiles are locked. Best,
Pedro Javier Barquin Ruiz
December 12 @ 7:53am
How can I know my complete R1a1a... I just see R-BY32011
Alexandr Iskakov
December 23 @ 2:50am
I have RY2905 - from 23andme. But I also bought a kit for my father here, on ftdna. So, if Arthur has Y2902 - and I have Y2905 - how far we are from each other?
Artur Martyka
December 27 @ 11:25am
Hello Slava, Y2905 (https://yfull.com/tree/R-Y2905/) is a totally different R1a branch than Y2902 (https://yfull.com/tree/R-Y2902/)
Thomas Brown
February 8 @ 1:54am
Hello Pedro, I don't see where anyone has answered your question, but I'll give it a whack . . . If you are asking what your old longhand "alphabet soup" might be, the best I can offer is that you seem to be downstream about four stops or so from R1a1b2a3! Pretty cumbersome, I know, which is why it's just easier to use the shorthand R-BY32011 which tells us your terminal SNP and its prefix -- in this case "BY" -- tells us it was "discovered" by "Big Y."
Grahame Walton Grahame Walton
February 7 @ 8:26pm
Hello I'm Janine posting for my cousin Grahame. We recently did the Z284 SNP pack test coming back as R- CTS4179 as Artur advised was likley. However my cousin does not appear to be positive for any SNP below CTS4179. Could anyone give further information regarding R-CTS4179? It appears to be common in Scotland. Thank you for your time.
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Stephen Grant-Davies
February 13 @ 2:48pm
Stephen Grant-Davies
February 13 @ 2:51pm
Looks like Norse Viking
Gammel G.
14 hours ago
a very young norse viking :-) R-CTS4179 ( = R1a1a1b1a3a1) => formed 2800 ybp, TMRCA 2400 ybp
Gregory Cottle
11 hours ago
Ás Þor gæta mig! The best I can do remembering what my Mother would exclaim. Her first tongue was Älfdalian . I can still recall some of her expressions she kept from when she was a little girl. She had to learn Swede, then English. Her Mother’s family came from Rättvik. Male line traces back to not far from there, Alvdal https://www.alvdalmiv.no/ Vasaloppet country. I knew my DNA would show her solid Swede background. Then, doing the YDNA, I find Norwegian roots. Uff da!
Marek Zebrowski Marek Zebrowski
February 12 @ 10:34am
Hallo. projects DNA only page 1 accessible. Farther error code 500. Pls check it
Grahame Walton
February 12 @ 4:47pm
Try colorized chart it works.
Marek Zebrowski Marek Zebrowski
February 12 @ 10:32am
Hallo, DNA Results only page 1 is accessible, farther you get error message (code 500). please check it
Marek Zebrowski Marek Zebrowski
Marek Zebrowski Marek Zebrowski
John Clay John Clay has a question!
February 9 @ 6:23am
I just searched for my kit number (783993) in the DNA Results and it was "Not Found" Did I get deleted?
Phillip Rhodes
February 9 @ 8:55am
Your kit is there and has not been deleted. If you will change the page size, you will find it. I set the page size to 5000 (colorized chart Y-12) and your kit appears on page 3. (Jonas Clay 1620-1660) I did not try setting the page to 7000, but you might want to try it.
John Clay
February 10 @ 3:54pm
Ray Kuta Ray Kuta has a question!
January 24 @ 2:14am
Hi, I recently tested positive for R-Y1392 and Y2902. What would be the the advantage of testing Big Y-500?. Thanks,Ray
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Anatoly D. Kolchugin (Sazontov)
January 25 @ 7:20am
And besides that, Big Y will identify your private SNPs. Following that, your terminal SNP will be adjusted in the future by comparison with newly added Big Y samples automatically, without need for your additional involvement.
Ray Kuta
January 25 @ 12:52pm
Thanks. Just ordered the Big Y-500 yesterday. Trying to home in on my origins. All my family on my paternal and maternal side originated in one area of Tarnow and Jaslo ,southeast Poland close to the Ukrainian border.
Ray Kuta
February 7 @ 1:05pm
Hi Rostislavs Nevdahs. Have you found any info on R-Y1392 such as migration areas or related cultures? Also, did the results of your Big Y-500 make a change in your Haplogroup? Take Care,Ray
Rostislavs Nevdahs
February 8 @ 2:19pm
Hi, Ray, you can look for migration areas here: https://phylogeographer.com/data/R1a.html Big Y has not changed my haplogroup, so I am just R-Y1392. There are two main subbranches of R-Y1392: FGC10360 which is mostly Central European and Y2915 which is mainly Russian. I believe that in your area of SE Poland there have been found R-FGC10360, R-YP6083...
Gustav Sundström Gustav Sundström
February 8 @ 1:10pm
Hi, I got my results January 8th. I'm not yet placed in any group. i only get ungrouped ?? What is wrong?
Mark Barta
February 8 @ 1:55pm
Project Admins don't get emails about posts on this activity feed. You're further ahead trying to contact them on either Facebook, or through email.
Ray Kuta Ray Kuta
January 27 @ 1:32pm
On my certificate, I am Haplogroup R-Y1392 and "positive for the following SNP's: Y2902 and Y1392. When I go to the Public Haplotree on Family Tree DNA, Y1392 comes up, but Y2902 shows "no results". Y2902 is on the chart at the top of this page?
Anders Andersson
January 28 @ 9:31pm
The FTDNA public haplotree only lists a few selected SNPs (maybe just one) per haplogroup, and different companies have different ideas about which SNP should represent each haplogroup. At https://yfull.com/tree/R-Y2902/ Y1392 is listed as a co-defining SNP of R-Y2902 rather than the other way around, and you can use the search button top right to find any SNP in their database.
Ray Kuta
January 29 @ 1:52pm
Thanks for the info Anders.
Ray Kuta
February 6 @ 11:43pm
Hi Artur Martyka. Since you are positive for Y2902, I have a question. I tested positive for both Y1392 and Y2902. I have been classified as Haplogroup R-Y1392, but what happened to Y2902 as it is downstream from Y1392 ? Wouldn’t this classify me as Haplogroup Y2902 ? This info is from FTDNA Branch Z280: - S24902 - subbranch of Z280, parallel to CTS1211 and Z92 - YP340 - subbranch of CTS1211, parallel to CS3402 (upstream of P278.2) - CTS8816 - SNP downstream of CTS3402 (upstream of L1280) - Y1392 - subbranch of CTS8816 - Y1394 - SNP downstream of CTS8816 (probably same level as Y1392) - Y2902 - SNP downstream of Y1392 (upstream of Y2910) - Y2910 - SNP downstream of Y2902 (upstream of YP310)  - YP310 - SNP downstream of Y2910 - YP331 - SNP downstream of CTS8816 (disjoint from Y1392 and L1280) CTS3402 > Y33 > CTS8816 > Y1392 > Y2902, This info is from a SNP Index.There are differences in “Alternate Names” and Mutation Info. Name Subgroup Name Alternate Names rs number Mutation Info Y1392 R1a1a1b1a2b3a3a2~ FGC10159 rs780041974 T->C Y2902 R1a1a1b1a2b3a3a2~ FGC10191 rs988868874 G->T
Alex von T. Alex von T. has a question!
February 5 @ 11:58pm
Dear admistrators, I am a new project member.My kit number is IN47075 and I was assigned to "ungrouped". Could I determine my haplogroup's subclade? I appreciate your assistance. Alex.