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Michał Milewski Michał Milewski
October 23, 2016 @ 6:14am
Dear Project Members! Before you ask any questions here, please read the following instructions posted on an R1a project blog that is run by our co-admin Artur Martyka: If you are a new project member, please go to our project's DNA Results page ( to see which specific category you have been assigned to by our admin team based on your STR and SNP results (this will also show our specific recommendations for your further testing). You may wish to increase the size of that page (from 500 to 8500) to see your STR haplotype being shown among all remaining haplotypes belonging to our project's members (otherwise you will need to visit all subpages one by one before finding your STR haplotype placed in a specific category). In case the classic chart doesn't work (for some technical reasons), try the colorized chart instead (page size 15000). Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient. Also, you need to stay logged in (as a project member) to see the results of all project members, including those who don't want their results to be seen by non-members. This includes your own result in case you have not made it available to all visitors. In case you don't have any STR results (which concerns many people who have transferred their Genographic results to FTDNA), you should consider ordering at least 37 (and better 67 or 111) Y-DNA STR markers, which is needed to assign you to a specific category and to make any specific advice regarding your further testing. Thank you for joining us in our quest to investigate our shared deep paternal ancestry!
Sergei Ermolovich
February 28 @ 3:48am
Dear admins! I have got a BigY, please, regrupped my kit 607140
Amit Singh
March 1 @ 10:58pm
I recently just joined but cannot find my it number on the charts. Is there a way to quick search my kit number? Thanks!
Michał Milewski
March 17 @ 2:59pm
Amit, please just read the first post in this thread. The instruction is there.
...... Constantin
Yesterday at 4:05pm
"Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient." Waiting for 1.5 months with my YP5227 (-).
Artur Martyka Artur Martyka
May 29, 2018 @ 12:50pm
*IMPORTANT* Dear R1a Project members You may have recently read about or heard of a number of changes to projects and privacy settings of all FTDNA Testers. (This is a new law - GDPR - which has begun). For me, the most important thing you can do for me right now, is to log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on <Privacy and Sharing> and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the <Privacy and Sharing> called <Project Preferences> For R1a Project that I administer along with other staff members, please click on “EDIT” then grant me ‘Limited Access’. (Full access is available only if you give me your kit number and password). Please grant access also to other staff members of R1a Project, all if possible. Otherwise, we won't be able to work on the haplotypes of some project members, whose profiles are locked. Best,
Artur Martyka
December 27 @ 11:25am
Hello Slava, Y2905 ( is a totally different R1a branch than Y2902 (
Thomas Brown
February 8 @ 1:54am
Hello Pedro, I don't see where anyone has answered your question, but I'll give it a whack . . . If you are asking what your old longhand "alphabet soup" might be, the best I can offer is that you seem to be downstream about four stops or so from R1a1b2a3! Pretty cumbersome, I know, which is why it's just easier to use the shorthand R-BY32011 which tells us your terminal SNP and its prefix -- in this case "BY" -- tells us it was "discovered" by "Big Y."
Raymond Garnett
February 24 @ 7:01pm
Hey Artur Martyka...I did as you asked above about granting you and other administrators "Limited Access" to my info by following your instructions above. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do for ya'll...thanks, Terry
Ralph Looman-Suprunowski
March 17 @ 3:27am
Really sounds complex. Steep learning curve.
Andrew Pleshkevich Andrew Pleshkevich has a question!
April 23 @ 7:03pm
Hello. For perhaps over a year there have been "blue" haplogroups on my haplotree that can not be ordered - BY161630, A8998, BY32094. Would an upgrade to Y700 get these taken care of?
Mark Barta
22 hours ago
Maybe, maybe not, if you make note of the SNP markers for those sub-clades and check. You might find the BigY500 already came back with negative results for those SNPs. Why FTDNA only cross-references the positive BigY results over to that table is unclear, but likely due in part to BigY being able to "no call" on markers. Single SNP testing gives you a way to potentially resolve such "no call" situations. The most likely reason you're seeing blue is you're negative for those markers, and just haven't matched anybody else closely enough to be assigned your own sub-clade(making the other options irrelevant). A Y700 test _might_ manage to generate a sub-clade, or it might not, as it requires much the same thing as the Y500. Somebody else needs to Y700 test, and match closely enough in order for FTDNA to justify grouping you into a new sub-clade.
Andrew Pleshkevich
19 hours ago
In that case, wouldn't they be "red"? I have some red ones. My impression is that the blue ones are simply unknown. I would like to get them tested.
Mark Barta
15 hours ago
Red ones are "single SNP tests" (or SNP Packs) where you have had a negative result come back. As I said, check you BigY results for those SNPs, if they're not green(positive) then that SNP was either "no call" or negative on BigY. Negative results on BigY DO NOT get transferred across the haplogroup browser used for (graphical) single SNP test ordering. SNPs negated by BigY are usually greyed out on that browser to indicate n/a and only for sub-clades divergent to the one you've been placed in. If no deeper clade is available to you, but are available to others, you will see blue SNPs on that list.
Sergei Karpovitch Sergei Karpovitch
16 hours ago
has anyone seeing them before? if yes - we are related, contact me
Wajih Al-Mousa Wajih Al-Mousa has a question!
April 19 @ 11:00am
Hi , Which one better . To upgrade from y 67 to y 111 or family finder ?
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Stephen Davis
April 20 @ 4:17pm
Mark is exactly right. However, if you're interested in autosomal testing, I suggest AncestryDNA rather than Family Finder as their database of potential matches is much larger. Regardless of the autosomal test vendor, if you live outside of the U.S. (especially outside of the UK, Canada, or Australia), you may find the number of matches to be relatively small. Even a small number of matches can be useful, though. Y-DNA upgrades If you have a number of Y-67 matches who have already taken a Y-111 or a Big-Y test (shown on your list of matches), it can be very useful to see if (and how closely) you match them at Y-111. You may also discover new (but distant) Y-DNA matches. One of my non-paternal cousins just took a Y-111 test. Of his twelve Y-111 matches, six did not match him at Y-67. This is an unusually high number, but my point is that it happens. In his case, they all matched at GD 9 and 10 - which is too distant to be considered a match at Y-67, but counts as a match at Y-111. Most/all of the differences occurred in the first 67 markers. You may or may not feel that GD 9 and 10 matches are useful, as they're probably not related within a genealogical timeframe. However, they can provide more information, especially if some of them have taken a Big-Y test.
Wajih Al-Mousa
April 23 @ 3:05pm
Most of my matches are from European ancestry while I am an Arabic, So my question whether upgrading from y-67 to y-111 or family finder would be better to show my real relatives . Regarding to Mark's question , I made Y-DNA testing in the first place to know which tribe am I belong to .
Richard May
23 hours ago
Testing at Ancestry would be the most helpful if you wish to find matches from both your father and mother's side. It is only generally effective for about 4 or 5 generations back because the DNA usually thins out too much after that, but even distant matches can offer a clue if especially if they all came from the same place. Americans, Canadians, and Norwegians are especially interested in DNA testing and it is easier to find matches amongst them as so many have tested. However, there are parts of the world where few people have taken DNA tests so it is much harder to find a match. The Ancestry test is an autosomal test and does not differentiate matches between your father's and your mother' side. You have to figure that out for yourself. It just says you have people who match you somewhere on your family tree. You can transfer the results for a small fee to FTDNA and Myheritage and for free to GEDMATCH (Genesis is what I think that they call it now.) That way you will have access to several databases. 23 and me also has many Europeans in their database, but they do not accept transfers, but you can transfer a copy of the results to companies who do accept transfers. Ancestry does not accept transfers so that is why it is best to start with them. They have a huge database; however, Myheritage, 23andme and FTDNA have a lot of Europeans. Regarding the Y DNA test, if you have close matches it would be worthwhile to upgrade your test now, otherwise you could probably wait. Be aware the Y-DNA test only follows the male line -- your father, his father, his father and so on, not the entire male side and no females. It is a line and does not zig zag back and forth between males and females.
Mark Barta
22 hours ago
@Wajih Al-Mousa an upgraded Y-DNA test would increase the level of confidence that your match is "recently related" on the male(paternal) line. When or if you discover any matches tested to that level. In most cases a Y67 should be able to do much the same(at a slightly lower confidence level), but there always are exceptions, but in those cases, a Y111 may not help, and a SNP test might be needed.
Abdulaziz alawadhi Abdulaziz alawadhi has a question!
March 3 @ 7:51pm
guys hi, i just joined the project , if someone can plz tell me more about my ancestors i will really be appreciated. coz i have really no idea about DNA my email and contacts info are in my profile
Ray A
April 22 @ 4:55pm
Hi I´m also Y17491+ I´m maternal and also paternal ethnic Zaza-Aryan, If we look to the diversity than almost 80% of our Asian Y17491 members are Northwestern Iranic. Zazas, Kurmanjs, Yezidis and the Dude from Pakistan is also a Baluch, this cant be random, these Parthic Iranic local groups are excact a sub-family inside the Irano-aryan branch, we all have also culturally the same ancestor, we have linguistically and culturally the common Parthian link. Now the question is what is our difference inside the Iranic peoples well, there is a historic fact in our history. We speak a median releated Parthian but originaly we have a component which middle persians, Indians and Medians dont had, its the later Sarmatian-Parni-Dahea Invasion of Parthia. In history also Romans knew it that our language is a mix of Median and northern nomad Iranians. I think the later Parni Invasion from southern Russia (in Ancient Times Sarmatia) brought us this Y17491 which ended up with the Parthian Ethnogenesis. I think i have not to mention that Arsacid Parthians created an Empire who stayed almost a half milenium, these Gulf arabs i think are an offshot of our Arsacid Parthian Imperial ambitions.
Ray A
April 22 @ 5:11pm
At first R1a1a is the paternal lineage of eastern Indo-germans (Satem group) Balto-slavs and Indo-iranians, means never ever its the original historic paternal lineage of Arabic identity/language neither Turkish.
Mark Barta
April 23 @ 1:14am
R1A1 is much too young in general to be much more than an influencer of language in the Middle Eastern region. Same story for R1B. Unlike what happened in europe, it looks like the pre-existing male population did a better job at not getting completely wiped out. The hostility of the terrain itself probably helped in that respect, much easier to flee/find shelter(when you know the land much better than the invaders do) and evade getting killed.
Halit Alhan
April 24 @ 3:45am
Ray A. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from and what is your kit number? My Kit Number is #695626. M420>M459>M198>M417>Z645>Z283>Z282>Y17491>YP4858>FGC64133>FGC64132* That's me. I would like to get in touch with you in order to compare autosomal data. Feel free to drop an e-mail. (
Reginald Murray Reginald Murray
April 20 @ 7:08pm
Jack Vess, Kit 540824, is still showing in the DNA chart as "BigY needed". His BigY was completed some time ago. Administrators please update this. Regards, Reg Murray
Russ  Pries Russ Pries
April 18 @ 9:54pm
Hello! I'm managing a kit for my uncle. I have the Y-111 results in and it puts us in R-M198, so I think this is the right place to start. The paternal line is from Alytus, Lithuania. Last name is Priespilis. I'll probably order the Big-Y upgrade sinceit's discounted this week. This looks like a pretty well run project so I look forward to learning more about my grandfather's lineage. Thanks!
Russ Pries
April 19 @ 10:15am
Forgot to mention the kit is MK57082
Mark Barta
April 19 @ 7:58pm
Looks like you're going to be Z92+ at the least going by NevGen's predicitons, but I'll let the project Admins actually assign anything beyond that. As Z92 appears to be predominately Baltic in nature, Lithuania shouldn't be too unusual in that respect. The Admins don't actively monitor this feed and FTDNA doesn't send them notifications of posts here, so you might want to try E-mailing one of them to let them know you're here, unless you don't mind possibly waiting a week or more.
Russ Pries
April 20 @ 3:15pm
Thanks Mark! I appreciate the response and advice!
Stephen Davis
April 20 @ 4:04pm
If you're a Facebook user, the R1a group is quite active:
Ray Kuta Ray Kuta has a question!
April 16 @ 4:01pm
Hi, Looking for anyone with Haplogroup R-Y1392 and who have roots in the Tarnow and Jaslo areas of southeast Poland. Also any members with any relatives with the surnames Kuta, Szatko, Cholewiak and Bielamowicz from the same areas in Poland. Have a good day.
Adam Golinowski
April 19 @ 5:15am
Hello! I'm just a guest here... but I dare say clearly that some competent person here... should inform you about it that your R1a-Y1392 mutation has up to 11 other names, such as FGC10162; FGC10161; FGC10158; FGC10178; S3369; Y2902; FGC10163; S3366; FGC10190; FGC10334; FGC10160! Probably, the name Y2902 is best known for a wider audience, but one should not forget about these others too, because it is the same father... Nevertheless, remember that the mutation R-Y2902 or Y1392, i.e. your ancestor was born and lived in Central Asia... on the steppes for 4200 years ago! :) And... his descendants are now dispersed all over the world... Best regards, A.G. (a new fan of genealogy)
Ray Kuta
April 19 @ 12:56pm
Hi Adam, I recently completed the "Big Y-700" which placed me at that haplogroup. Y1392 and Y2902 are equivalent. Family Tree DNA designates it as Y1392 and Yfull decided to choose Y2902. The actual Subgroup Name is R1a1a1b1a2b3a3a2. It can also be referenced with the “Reference SNP Cluster Index”. It all depends on the testing platforms used. Since this is a FTDNA site, I used the designation of R-Y1392. I am fully aware of the other mutations of the branch and have investigated my earlier mutations that take me back to the Yamna Cultures just north of the Black Sea roughly around 2800 BCE in the Dienper-Donets region. My question was not about haplogroup history, but implied that what I was specifically looking for was anyone with Haplogroup R-Y1392 from southeast Poland. Also anyone with surnames Kuta, Szatko, Cholewiak and Bielamowicz specifically in the Tarnow and Jaslo areas. Below are the mutation rates of the Y1392 branch. Also referred as SNPs. Y1392 15992346 T to C FGC10158 19094152 C to T FGC10160 16576852 T to C FGC10161 20311238 C to T FGC10162 2796208 C to T FGC10163 15234661 A to G FGC10178 9968920 T to C FGC10190 19137975 A to T FGC10334 15797291 T to C S3366 15690083 C to T S3369 19006757 T to C Y2902 19443884 G to T Take Care, Ray
Aleksandar Mitrović Aleksandar Mitrović has a question!
April 18 @ 4:47pm
Hi, would a person with a kit number "IN50071" that has recently got result YP971+ be kind to tell me location of origin? Many thanks!
Thomas Brown Thomas Brown
April 18 @ 4:00am
We received the terminal SNP today for my son's parallel fifth cousin. It's R-Y61291 -- the same as my son and myself. The cousins' most recent common ancestor is their 4th great grandfather, Abraham Brown, who was born in 1770. My son Phil, born in 1980, descends from Abraham's eldest son who himself was born in 1798. Robert, born in 1973, belongs to the line of one of Abraham's younger sons, born in 1802. Under his Big Y heading for matches, Robert unfortunately received the following message: "Results for your Big Y test have been delayed. We have updated your predicted completion date, and action by you is not usually required. Note that predicted dates are an estimate and subject to lab volume and quality control." Since the two cousins represent independent genetic routes under construction for a total of 353 years. I thought it might be interesting to see how our family's paternal DNA has been developing during its stay in America. Compared with that, what's another month or two?
Thomas Brown
April 18 @ 4:10pm
Well, that was QUICK! All of Robert's remaining STR's were posted this afternoon. All "delays" should be this long.
Jean-Marc Choufani Jean-Marc Choufani
April 18 @ 9:13am
Hello, I joined this group a while ago but after some time, I rechecked the lists you have of the DNA results and don't find any of my results on there.. how often do you update these?
Jean-Marc Choufani
April 18 @ 9:16am
Any information regarding the haplogroup - R-Y7094 - ?
Jean-Marc Choufani
April 18 @ 11:30am
or Y934 (branching off Z2123)