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Michał Milewski Michał Milewski
October 23, 2016 @ 6:14am
Dear Project Members! Before you ask any questions here, please read the following instructions posted on an R1a project blog that is run by our co-admin Artur Martyka: If you are a new project member, please go to our project's DNA Results page ( to see which specific category you have been assigned to by our admin team based on your STR and SNP results (this will also show our specific recommendations for your further testing). You may wish to increase the size of that page (from 500 to 8500) to see your STR haplotype being shown among all remaining haplotypes belonging to our project's members (otherwise you will need to visit all subpages one by one before finding your STR haplotype placed in a specific category). In case the classic chart doesn't work (for some technical reasons), try the colorized chart instead (page size 15000). Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient. Also, you need to stay logged in (as a project member) to see the results of all project members, including those who don't want their results to be seen by non-members. This includes your own result in case you have not made it available to all visitors. In case you don't have any STR results (which concerns many people who have transferred their Genographic results to FTDNA), you should consider ordering at least 37 (and better 67 or 111) Y-DNA STR markers, which is needed to assign you to a specific category and to make any specific advice regarding your further testing. Thank you for joining us in our quest to investigate our shared deep paternal ancestry!
Michał Milewski
March 17 @ 2:59pm
Amit, please just read the first post in this thread. The instruction is there.
...... Constantin
April 24 @ 4:05pm
"Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient." Waiting for 1.5 months with my YP5227 (-).
Valery Tsiaseika
May 22 @ 9:50am
Dear Admins! My R1a - Z280 SNP Pack is ready - could you please regroup my kit (MI43611). Thanks
Henry Chausovsky
August 17 @ 7:46am
Just joined. I have my 37 test available and am a little surprised with my matches. Looking forward to participating in this project.
Artur Martyka Artur Martyka
May 29, 2018 @ 12:50pm
*IMPORTANT* Dear R1a Project members You may have recently read about or heard of a number of changes to projects and privacy settings of all FTDNA Testers. (This is a new law - GDPR - which has begun). For me, the most important thing you can do for me right now, is to log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on <Privacy and Sharing> and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the <Privacy and Sharing> called <Project Preferences> For R1a Project that I administer along with other staff members, please click on “EDIT” then grant me ‘Limited Access’. (Full access is available only if you give me your kit number and password). Please grant access also to other staff members of R1a Project, all if possible. Otherwise, we won't be able to work on the haplotypes of some project members, whose profiles are locked. Best,
Artur Martyka
December 27 @ 11:25am
Hello Slava, Y2905 ( is a totally different R1a branch than Y2902 (
Thomas Brown
February 8 @ 1:54am
Hello Pedro, I don't see where anyone has answered your question, but I'll give it a whack . . . If you are asking what your old longhand "alphabet soup" might be, the best I can offer is that you seem to be downstream about four stops or so from R1a1b2a3! Pretty cumbersome, I know, which is why it's just easier to use the shorthand R-BY32011 which tells us your terminal SNP and its prefix -- in this case "BY" -- tells us it was "discovered" by "Big Y."
Raymond Garnett
February 24 @ 7:01pm
Hey Artur Martyka...I did as you asked above about granting you and other administrators "Limited Access" to my info by following your instructions above. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do for ya'll...thanks, Terry
Ralph Looman-Suprunowski
March 17 @ 3:27am
Really sounds complex. Steep learning curve.
Sabri Kahraman Sabri Kahraman has a question!
August 14 @ 1:28am
Hey guys, what is a good test to do for Iranics? I know that my Haplogroup is R1a, but I have no idea which clad I belong to. I would prefer not to go crazy and do the Big Y-700 test but I also would hate to do a test and not be able to pin point my specific clad. Are there any Zaza, Kurds, or Iranians who can suggest which test will be enough to find out what I am looking for? Thanks.
Kevin Ireland
August 17 @ 9:47am
Have you taken a Y-DNA test yet? What's your kit#? Assuming you have, the administrators here are often able to predict your subclade down quite a ways - especially if you've taken a Y-67 or Y-111 test. This may not be the case if few other members of the group have similar STR signatures. After I took my Y-67, the administrators predicted I was S6353, which I then confirmed with a single SNP purchase for $39. I later purchased a Big Y-500 test which brought me three steps further down the R1a tree to BY169453 (one below YP5640). - Kevin, kit #B103907
Sabri Kahraman
August 18 @ 9:02pm
Hello Kevin, Thanks for your response. I have not taken my own Y-DNA test but my brother had his DNA tested with 23 and me and he came up as R1a. I have only done an ancestry test with MyHeritage DNA and simply uploaded by raw data to Family Tree DNA. My kit number is #B406027. It seems like I need to do at least the Y-67 test in order to get some understanding of my clad.
Wajih Al-Mousa Wajih Al-Mousa has a question!
August 13 @ 9:53am
Hi , When I want to see DNA results , I always have same error "An asynchronous operation exceeded the page timeout." . I used different browsers in various times . but I always have same error for this group only.
Brennan MacDowell
August 14 @ 8:44am
Try colorized view
Wajih Al-Mousa
August 15 @ 10:43am
Colorized view works fine, Thanks .
Stanley Waryck Stanley Waryck
July 12 @ 9:20pm
Hi, I've recently had a Z280 SNP pack run on my kit B379781 and have been placed in the R-YP350 haplogroup. I'm wondering where this will place me in the R1a project and what my next steps should be. I am wondering if running any more STRs is an answer, I seem to have matches at 12, and 25, though none at 37 (which is the first test I had completed), would it make sense to complete 67 or 111?
Stanley Waryck
July 15 @ 7:55am
From information I received on the Polish project, it looks like my Great grandfather came from Zdunek, Ostrołęka County, Masovian Voivodeship.
Adrian Pammer
July 15 @ 10:31am
I don`t know where my grand/grandfather is from because he is adopted. My maternal grandmother comes from south czech(budweis) to germany(bavaria) during the second world war. My mt-dna is H3b6a (some goes back to finland/sweden) Sometimes i want to know more about R-z92. Possible the future told us more.
NFI Vance
July 17 @ 9:08pm
So Adrian and Stanley, I am Z92 - R1a-YP1700 to be specific. This is a copy of a map of Z92 modern locations which may interest - basically from the Arctic Circle in Finland to the Urals in Russia to the Black Sea in Ukraine and West to Czechia.
Stanley Waryck
August 14 @ 1:49pm
This is amazing. How does one go about building such a map of finding one for your specific subclade. This genetic genealogy-anthropology is becoming a fascinating new branch of knowledge for me.
William Schultz William Schultz
August 7 @ 9:46am
This project is huge. Nearly 9,000 members. In the R1b clade, there are many different subgroups for people to join to look at more precise Y DNA analysis. But for R1a, not so much. I just went through all of the R projects listed and didn't find anything more precise than this project. Is there anybody here interested in creating a new, smaller, R1a subclade project that I could create, manage, or join? Everybody here should be R1a (M420 positive), but I'm also positive for R1a1 (M459), Riaia (M198), R1a1a1 (M417), R1a1a1b (PF6162), R1a1a1b1 (Z283/Z662), R1a1a1b1a (Z282), R1a1a1b1a1a (M458), and subclades down from there: Y2604, L1029, and R-FGC66323. I'm awaiting my Big Y 700 upgrade when I hope to obtain further classification below R-FGC66323. But in the aforementioned list, the first significant diversion from the "1" n
Mark Barta
August 7 @ 3:02pm
The R-L260 project "doesn't reject" members of R-M458 in general, and there are a number of L1029 present within it. They initially attempted to create one for M458 but FTDNA never approved it, or even responded back as I understand it.
Hillar Kammer (Keis)
August 8 @ 6:58am
See: Ashkenazi Levites / Ashkenazi Y-DNA Haplogroup R1a. Long table at the end.
William Schultz
August 13 @ 7:50am
Hillar: I find with no long table. Do you have a URL for what you're referring to?
William Schultz
August 13 @ 7:52am
FYI: Today I sent in a request to create a R1a-M458 project. We'll see what happens. The promise date is 10 business days. Obviously, L1029 will be welcome!
Stanislas Zaborowski Stanislas Zaborowski has a question!
July 29 @ 11:44am
Bonjour, Mon analyse a été faite en 2009 chez DNA Heritage North America Richmond, Texas America. Cette société n'existe plus et depuis, un peu par hasard, les résultats de mon analyse sont chez Family tree DNA et dans différents projets tels que: polish project, r1a project, prussian yatviagian project, lituania project et ZABOROWSKI project chez family tree! afin d'élargir mes chances de " matcher " car depuis 20 ans je bloque sur les années 1700, j'envisage d'investir environ 80 euros pour obtenir des nouveaux marqueurs. Hélas, j'ai écrit à family tree pour me conseiller et il ne me propose que 1 kit à 37 marqueurs dans lequel , en fait, je n'aurai que 12 nouveaux marqueurs. Sur 43 marqueurs transférés après 2009, il n'en ont retenu que 25, et, si je commande un kit de 37, je n'aurai que 12 nouveaux marqueurs! Peut-être des marqueurs que j'ai déjà et que lors du transfert il n'ont pas tenu compte. Avez-vous une autre solution? Mon kit est H 1173 ( Stanislas Zaborowski) . Merci beaucoup de bien vouloir me répondre.
Rostislavs Nevdahs
July 29 @ 1:39pm
Bonjour, je vous conseillerais de commander 111 marqueurs, 37 marqueurs seraient inutiles, je crois. Alternativement, vous pouvez acheter un kit de 23&me. Ils déterminent votre haplogroupe paternel en testant les SNPs.
NFI Vance
August 12 @ 9:00pm
Je ne pense pas bien de 111 marquers. Prenez le SNP Pack pour R1a c'est un mejuer choix a mon avis car vous êtes déjà R1a. Dit aussi "le Backbone" je pense.
NFI Vance
August 12 @ 9:01pm
Michael Wilson Michael Wilson
May 17 @ 11:49pm
Just received my Big Y 700 results. It did not change my Haplogroup or open me up to any new matches or countries of origin. I'm wondering where to go from here.
Thomas Brown
May 28 @ 2:21pm
I'm guessing that you're here courtesy of your paternal Wilson R1a line, Michael, but if your maternal grandfather belonged to an R-L664 subclade, we really need to talk! "Thomas" seems to carry some significance in your grandmother's family; it's merely incidental within my own clan, being the name of my mother's father and also her maternal grandfather. While I have nearly 12,000 names in my tree at Ancestry, "Thomas" appears only 208 times and then often as the Welsh surname. It often amused our college football coach to intone "Tom Brown's School Days" whenever he saw me, but I have found only two distant members of my family who actually share the name.
Gary Harper
June 10 @ 10:53pm
You might find this interesting. I am YP358, downstream of L664. Out of my 2662 autosomal matches, 172 are a Brown, or have a Brown listed, in their family tree. 18 are paternal, and 29 are maternal matches. I am supposed to be a 4th cousin or something to the Browns of Northampton County, PA, on my mom's side; but so far, I have not found that link. 130 of matches, list the surname Wilson in their trees, or are Wilsons; 15 are paternal, and 16, maternal. This may be statistically insignificant, and incidental. But when I search other surnames, I often get 0 matches.
August 10 @ 9:03am
Hi ! I'm L664, waiting for my results as well. My oldest ancestor, Arthaud BELLES (back to 16 generation) was born in Bédoin (Vaucluse, France) in ca 1440. My third cousin once removed on a male line (same name) is also R-L664. Have you ever found R-L664 from France?
Michael Wilson
August 11 @ 10:27am
The Norman invaders under William the Conqueror descended from Vikings. My Wilson line is, most likely, descended from Vikings, as well. I theorized that they either came to England with William the Conqueror or descended from Viking explorers who settled in Scotland and or Northern Ireland, many years previous to the invasion of the Normans in England. I currently have one match at the Y700 level and his surname is Gilchrist. It is an ancient Scottish surname. Based on this single thread of evidence, I am speculating that my Wilson line settled in Scotland most likely from much earlier Viking exploration. Your line may have come from ancient hunter gatherers or it could have stemmed from early Viking raids into France that led to the establishment of Normandy. Good luck with your research.
Eugeniusz Wysmołek Eugeniusz Wysmołek
July 2 @ 3:08am
Hello, My grandpa was detected as R1a R-M198 by 67 markers. So far I can see this is very broad, general result. What further testing do you recomed? Should he be tested by 111 markers or just individual which is 40$ each? Also on the mother side - N1a1a1a - is this the end of the line or can this we made more precise as well? kit nr IN62680
Eugeniusz Wysmołek
August 6 @ 2:16pm
It is called sunk cost for a reason. I should have taken the R1a backbone. :(
Mark Barta
August 6 @ 7:01pm
R1A backbone is the "sunk cost" as it is a pack of SNP tests that while it gives you a result back for the SNPs tested, it doesn't give you anything else. No new matches who share SNPs but not STRs, no cost reduction on further testing. Nothing. At least with the Y111 test, you get a cost reduction on BigY. Also with the Y111 STR panel, you _might_ get higher confidence on your SNP prediction, but as Y111 is a STR test, rather than a SNP test, it obviously cannot confirm a SNP. Of course, as most of the people reading in here should be R1A, even at 111 STR Markers, predictions can still be rather erratic on their validity all the same. Typical advice is test to 67 markers, then go for BigY if you can afford it. Don't bother with SNPs, don't bother with Y111, just do the BigY.
Eugeniusz Wysmołek
August 7 @ 11:41am
Thank you, but will BigY reveal any new SNPs (if yes how many moreless??) What if its completed and it will still show M198 ?
Mark Barta
August 7 @ 3:11pm
BigY tests everything the single SNP tests would check, and much more. How deep you get into the known tree becomes a question of where you "branch off" at and if there is somebody else who has tested that shares markers with you that they don't share with others. That said, BigY tests deeper than any single SNP test offered by FTDNA will go(hundreds of thousands of SNP markers worth). And even if you do not "share" your unique markers with anybody else that has tested at present, those markers are then known by FTDNA. It just becomes a matter of waiting for somebody else to take the test who better matches you. Also, unless you're really unlucky(and it does happen), you will see people on matching lists that are specific to BigY. Something you don't get with testing single SNPs. Edit: For an example on differences on "where you branch off" within my own clade which is downstream of M458/L260/YP1337, there are people who are still "stuck" at YP1337 even after testing BigY. In my case, I managed to "split" an existing clade so I now reside a step deeper in the tree while some others are a step deeper in than I am. There are still others within YP1337 who have managed to get another 3 or 4 steps deeper thanks to BigY. But it still stands there are people still "stuck" back at YP1337 and are waiting for somebody to match their own set of divergent markers so they can begin to develop their own branch of the haplotree from there.
L.T. Anonymous L.T. Anonymous has a question!
August 6 @ 6:05am
I handle the account of kit 271084 and signed up years ago for this kit to be in the R1a project and did the Big Y 500 test. When I search in "find" for that kit number, I do not see it appearing in the list. I am wondering why.
Brennan MacDowell
August 6 @ 2:59pm
See instructions top pinned post of 10/23/16, esp. regards page size
William Schultz
August 7 @ 9:34am
You might also check that the project preferences for group project administrator access are set to "Limited" so that the admins can take a look and help you out. Many older kits defaulted to "Minimum" after the latest GDPR regs went into effect. In a project I administer, when somebody is "Minimum" we set the kit to not display. I can't say what the policy is in this project.
Wiesław Pakosik Wiesław Pakosik
August 5 @ 7:23am
Michael Klabe Michael Klabe
May 16 @ 11:01am
Kit E15763 is now tested positive for YP619 and negative for YP4647, BY30715 and Y34164.
Mark Barta
July 3 @ 3:46pm
Try sending an email to Łukasz Łapiński, as I recall M458 is his specific area of interest, he should get you taken care of. Once he has time to do so. Also consider joining the L260(PF6155 and subclades) project if you haven't done so already, He is an admin on that one as well.
Michael Klabe
July 9 @ 11:56am
Thank you very much, Mark. I've already sent him an E-Mail at the end of April. L260 project isn't my subclade, because I'm in L1029 - that is a sister subclade of L260 :-) And YP619 is a subclade of L1029.
Mark Barta
July 18 @ 6:15pm
The L260 project is actually PF6155 and subclades, which does include L1029. There's a weird convoluted story behind why it is named L260 instead, but L1029 is one of the clades covered by that project.
Michael Klabe
August 2 @ 10:54am
Just a short Update. My membership in the L260 project doesn't change anything with my terminal SNP. Comment from FTDNA Helpdesk: "I'm sorry, we cannot import any test results from YSEQ." That means, FTDNA doesn't offer the YP619 test and when you test it with another company instead, the positive result will be ignored. How scientific is it to ignore the proven terminal SNP for a kit and use a wrong terminal SNP instead?