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Michał Milewski Michał Milewski
October 23, 2016 @ 6:14am
Dear Project Members! Before you ask any questions here, please read the following instructions posted on an R1a project blog that is run by our co-admin Artur Martyka: If you are a new project member, please go to our project's DNA Results page ( to see which specific category you have been assigned to by our admin team based on your STR and SNP results (this will also show our specific recommendations for your further testing). You may wish to increase the size of that page (from 500 to 8500) to see your STR haplotype being shown among all remaining haplotypes belonging to our project's members (otherwise you will need to visit all subpages one by one before finding your STR haplotype placed in a specific category). In case the classic chart doesn't work (for some technical reasons), try the colorized chart instead (page size 15000). Keep in mind that it may take a day or two before your newly joined/received results are assigned to a proper category by one of our admins, so please be patient. Also, you need to stay logged in (as a project member) to see the results of all project members, including those who don't want their results to be seen by non-members. This includes your own result in case you have not made it available to all visitors. In case you don't have any STR results (which concerns many people who have transferred their Genographic results to FTDNA), you should consider ordering at least 37 (and better 67 or 111) Y-DNA STR markers, which is needed to assign you to a specific category and to make any specific advice regarding your further testing. Thank you for joining us in our quest to investigate our shared deep paternal ancestry!
Sergei Leonov
July 21 @ 1:10pm
MK65157 100% Z280>CTS3402>Y2613. Subgrouped.
Ivan Jakšić
July 23 @ 7:47am
U need to sort people under Y2608. I see lot of people done bigy700 but in table there are asked to do it , me included.
Sergei Leonov
July 24 @ 2:13am
Not me. It is not my branch. I can't do it. As I said, my area is CTS11962 only.
Sergei Leonov
July 24 @ 4:49pm
Ivan, I think your admin (for Z280 branch) will do it when he gets some timebox for that from his own free time. ... As to me, I will not write anything here anymore because nobody needs.
Artur Martyka Artur Martyka
May 29, 2018 @ 12:50pm
*IMPORTANT* Dear R1a Project members You may have recently read about or heard of a number of changes to projects and privacy settings of all FTDNA Testers. (This is a new law - GDPR - which has begun). For me, the most important thing you can do for me right now, is to log into your FTDNA personal home page and hover your cursor over your name on the top right hand side and click on <Privacy and Sharing> and work through the privacy options. When complete, click on the tab right next to the <Privacy and Sharing> called <Project Preferences> For R1a Project that I administer along with other staff members, please click on “EDIT” then grant me ‘Limited Access’. (Full access is available only if you give me your kit number and password). Please grant access also to other staff members of R1a Project, all if possible. Otherwise, we won't be able to work on the haplotypes of some project members, whose profiles are locked. Best,
Jordi Mestres
November 27 @ 12:39pm
This is indeed a very nice way to summarise the main R1a clades, made by one of the Administrators of this R1a project. Many thanks for that! Unfortunately, it is over 3 years old and lots of new subclades are known today that were not known back in 2016. In fact, the potential degree of granularity that one could achieve with current subclade knowledge would perhaps require splitting that R1a general YTree at least into the 4 main clades that emerged 3,000 years ago: L664, Z284, Z280, and Z2124. In 3-5 years from now, the depth of knowledge on many branches may potentially allow for learning about the exact SNP and the very moment when lineages split into different surnames.
NFI Vance
November 27 @ 8:06pm
Donald Stassel
February 26 @ 6:54pm
NFI Vance, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is a beautiful diagram and very well organized. Kudos to the graphic designer and for all the people who contributed to its data.
NFI Vance
March 5 @ 6:46am
You are very welcome Donald. Happy to share. And Jordi - you don't know what you are talking about. It's not designed to go into total detail. That is not its purpose and if you want excruciating detail go to YFull and see the whole tree.
Aaron Bittner Aaron Bittner
August 11 @ 1:40pm
So... Big-Y 700 results have cleared, and it turns out I'm an R-S24902. I don't think there's a project for that...
Aaron Bittner
5 hours ago
If I may ask, what's the best choice of projects upstream from S24902?
Aaron Bittner Aaron Bittner
July 27 @ 12:13pm
Did you know that over 50% of Ashkenazi Levites alive today are members of haplogroup R1a-Y2619? Fascinating business.
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Neil Brown
July 29 @ 5:05pm
My name is Jill Brown and I'm researching my husband's line. He was the same as you on the haplogroup, but today his Big-Y came in and now it is R-YP1461. I'm more confused than ever.
Aaron Bittner
July 29 @ 6:03pm
Jill, I think FTDNA is still breaking new ground with previously uncharted haplogroups. I fully expect that I might be in one of them, as your husband may have been. A little online research shows that R-YP1461 is only about 1500 years old. I'm kinda hoping I end up being a Y2619, but who knows? :D
Aaron Bittner
August 6 @ 9:13am
...waiting patiently... [checks calendar] [checks calendar again] Yeah, I know. We'll get there when we get there. :D
Aaron Bittner
August 11 @ 12:49pm
PROGRESS! My FTDNA home page still says "Analyzing Data" on my Big-Y, but now my haplogroup has been updated from R-M173 to R-S24902, which is MUCH further down the line. Region of origin seems to be northern Poland or thereabouts.
Eirik Mcferrin Eirik Mcferrin
May 18 @ 12:08am
Signs of life... ok I’m happy to inform that Big Y was ordered 2 weeks ago.
Eirik Mcferrin
July 30 @ 2:22am
Aaron Bittner
July 30 @ 5:12am
Eirik Mcferrin
August 4 @ 8:19pm
Thanks Aaron, I’ll read through that
Eirik Mcferrin
August 9 @ 12:05am
To follow up, I read through and contacted their project leader. I'm not descended from Clan Donald.
Ivan Prokhorov Ivan Prokhorov has a question!
August 7 @ 5:32pm
Hallo. My result was placed in a subgroup "...Z284>S4458>S5301>S5153>L448>CTS4179>FT2652>FT91961>FT199192 (another Big Y needed)". Why I need another Big Y?
NFI Vance
August 8 @ 8:16am
It appears you do not need another Big Y. Here's the most current YFull R1a haplotree and your terminal leaf on the tree is as far down as YFull goes now.
David Fayle David Fayle
August 5 @ 8:06am
Question for a Big Y expert:
David Fayle
August 5 @ 8:56am
(Lesson 1 - don't press return/enter unless you want it to post ...) My BigY 700 results have just arrived. My haplogroup is boxed in black in the Block Tree extract shown: R-Y29907. In the same haplogroup is just one other man, unnamed here but from the big Table in the other R1a project group I know he is called Nataas (kit N237061). If you look carefully at that image, five names are listed at the bottom of boxes (from left, 3, 6, 11, 14 and 16). These five people are also the ONLY ones listed as Matches. Yet just in this part of the block tree, there are 17 other people in those bottom boxes, including Mr Nataas, who are NOT listed as matches. My closest match is Morten Økland (kit 428246), who appears in the R-Y30185 box just to the right of me. Y30185 is upstream of Y29907, and I have that marker too. I copied Morten Økland's list of SNPs into an Excel spreadsheet, as his SNP list numbers 301, whereas mine has 1611. That, plus the unusual kit number, indicates maybe that he tested elsewhere and uploaded his results to FT-DNA. (Q1) If my closest match Morten Økland were to do the Big Y 700, would you expect him to join Nataas and Fayle (me) in R-Y29907, or might he instead move me and himself a step or two further on the haplotree, adding at least one new marker to the haplotree. (Q2) The other R-Y29907 person, Mr Nataas, is not a match, and he has 1858 SNPs on his list - significantly more than me, and ostensibly his SNP list looks completely different to mine [though obviously we must share the key haplotype defining ones, so far]. I am struggling to understand how five people from other closely related haplotypes can be considered Y DNA matches, whereas the only person who is definitely in my haplotype is not considered a DNA match. (Q3) What differentiates the 5 matches from the other 7 men covered in the Block Tree extract?
David Fayle
August 5 @ 9:03am
and (Q4) did the R-Y29907 haplotype exist before my test was analysed? ie, was Mr Nataas R-Y29907 before I tested, or has his haplogroup been updated since my result came in.
Piotr Waglowski
August 5 @ 11:08am
The answer to Q4 seems to be "Yes" (but I'm not an expert):
Ilkin Guliyev Ilkin Guliyev
July 9 @ 7:53pm
Good day, My Ydna test result is R-M198.What doest it mean?
Eugeniusz Wysmołek
July 27 @ 2:00pm
M198 is very general result. Test BigY so you have precisely your final haplogroup, then you will be able to find your closest matches and get some info about your male ancestor journey etc.
Ilkin Guliyev
July 27 @ 4:58pm
I bought Y-111. Dont you think that i can get some clue and closest matches in this analysis?
NFI Vance
July 31 @ 10:42pm
Actually, your Y-111 may not help you due to a thing called homoplasy. Similar results in that type of test may not resolve to a solid haplogroup match. Suggest a thing here called an SNP pack. Start with the one for R1a based on what you have said so far. It should help resolve a specific tree branch. See also,2247.msg72042.html#msg72042
Ilkin Guliyev
August 2 @ 5:29pm
İ bought Big Y
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
August 2 @ 9:03am
Sergei Leonov
August 2 @ 9:22am
Ends Aug 31
MohaMmad HassAn MohaMmad HassAn
July 27 @ 1:11pm
Hello cousins, haplogroup R1a-YP5937 Does any of you have detailed information about your possible location in modern times, and thank you.
NFI Vance
July 31 @ 10:38pm
MohaMmad HassAn
August 1 @ 12:55am
The new sample is mine on yfull and I wish you had more useful information, thank you.
Ilkin Guliyev Ilkin Guliyev
August 1 @ 12:19am
Good day, I have added my Y-111 dna STR results to Nevgen and I got this result. Does it need I need to test Y-700? What does "fitness" means in the table? There are some of result such as below but probability is zero: R1a Z282>M458>> L1029>YP1703 R1a Z282>Z280>> CTS3402>>YP951 etc. What all means?
Larry Nelson Larry Nelson
July 26 @ 9:36pm
Hi all, earlier b4 I take an Y500 test (completed a couple of years back). I am now noticing an updated version of that (Y700). Is there any reason/purpose for me to take this Y700 over Y500, or will that be just a money waste and I won't get any new, more detailed data? Thanks!
NFI Vance
July 31 @ 10:43pm
Depends. Were you able to get a good picture of where you fit on the haplotree?,2247.msg72042.html#msg72042 If so, no reason to go there.