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R1a-YP613 & Subclades

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About us

YP613 is a subclade of Y2613, which forms a major branch of the haplogroup R1a. As of now, YP613 has been distributed mainly to Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Russian Federation. The project aims to investigate the possible origin, ways of migration and further downstream branches of YP613 and of Y2613. This project is for all who are positive for YP613 or Y2613 and all of their subgroups. If you have tested only STR, you are probably Y2613 if you are R1a (R-M417, R-M198 or R-M512) and have two or more of these markers: DYS460 = 10, DYS464a = 13, DYS481 is 22 or lower (most frequently 21), DYS576 is higher than DYS570. In addition, YP613 is characterized by DYS487 = 15.