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December 26 @ 11:17am
I ordered a bigY test
December 28 @ 2:48am
I am an immigrant from the Balkans in 1924. My grandfather had emigrated to Turkey. From Kavala, Greece
December 28 @ 2:50am
My ancestors did'not speak any other language than Turkish.
December 28 @ 2:57am
My grandmother was pomak, she knew a little pomak language.
Sergei Leonov
February 24 @ 6:35am
Hi Oktay! Congrats with your results! YP1013*. So, the intrigue continues. :)
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
January 3 @ 4:35am
The first good news from YFull in this year: "YF68389 and a scientific sample ERS1789466 (both from Belarus) formed a new branch R-F24972 below R-YP417" It is another bold 'plus' to YFull for their scientific data base.
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
December 21 @ 7:01am
Hello Clan! We have some new branches below YP417 and YP418. It costs to see them in our DNA Results tables.
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
December 3 @ 4:26am
Our first M12402<YP1013<YP417 is in YFull: https://yfull.com/tree/R-YP4848/. When the second M12402+ orders YFull we'll know a relative dating and other new things.
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
November 29 @ 7:10am
YFull broke the news: "R-YP417 > new subclade named by SNP Y91231 with SNPs Y101182, Y104653, Y105281, Y105369, Y105555, Y109982, Y182819, Y85123, Y88577, Y90868, Y91231, Y92381, Y98167, Y98797" It will be published in the next release of Ytree in YFull. A new branch between: id:YF67456 UKR [UA-18]new and id:YF08568 BLR [BY-BR]
Sergei Leonov
December 2 @ 5:58am
Now we have 2 branches below YP417: 1) YP418; 2) Y91231.
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
December 2 @ 5:11am
Our new Co-Admin is Milan Rajevac, chief admin of Pareklo, Serbian DNA Project. His area is Balkans. Welcome, Milan!
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
November 21 @ 1:45am
Map of YP417 Distribution (according FTDNA database). Without M12402 in this version of map (because we don't know its dating and whether it was an effect of founder). BIg red marks - Tesla's birthplace and YP417 aDNA (VK160, Vikings' grave, Kurenanikha). Red - YP417+, Orange - YP418+, Yellow - YP1013+, Green - YP1137+, Blue - YP728+.
Sergei Leonov Sergei Leonov
November 19 @ 5:53am
Hello, dear members of R1a-YP417 Project! Today is our birthday! I hope our Project will be a good platform for enough active and useful communications for our further deeper researches. I'll do my best. /Your Admin Sergei