R1a-L260 and Subclades
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About us

R-L260 is one of two major branches of the Central European Branch of R1a Haplogroup known as R1a-M458 (PF6155 and Subclades). It's Peaks are found among Western Slavic populations of: Poland, Sorbia (Lausitz) East Germany, Czechia and Slovakia, Croatia and Ukraine. together with it's R-M458 sibling, CTS11962 they are the Least expanded European Branches of R1a. This Project's Aim is to focus more closely into the Phylogeny and Deep Structure of this Branch and Research the Genealogical relations of it's members in Historical times! This project is Welcoming Every tested member who was either Predicted as R1a-L260 by Admins of R1a Project, or Other Projects. or was tested as L260 positive or any of it's downstream SNPs. Since this Project is Managed by the same Admins who also run the R1a-M458 (PF6155 and Subclades) Facebook Group and Page, we will also Accept kits which are M458 and PF6155 positive.