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About us

The Quirke DNA Project is a Y-DNA research project for men with the Quirke surname (and its variations such as Quirk, O'Cuirc, and sometimes Kirk). The primary emphasis of the group is on patrilineal Y-DNA research of men who are direct descendants of Quirkes.

Like surnames, Y-DNA is passed down the male line from father to son. Tracing the Y-DNA signature of living Quirke men can help us learn more about the family's common history.

At the Who Do You Think You Are - Live conference in April 2017, Dr. Maurice Gleeson, an Irish genetic genealogist, gave a lecture on Researching Your Surname With Y-DNA. In detailed remarks, he illustrates the value behind Y-DNA testing for surname research. This approach guides the Quirke DNA Project. 

DNA Tests
The primary DNA test used in this group is the Y-DNA test. Y-DNA documents your direct paternal line: you, your father, his father, and so on down the patrilinial line. Only men can complete a Y-DNA test (since only men inherit the Y chromosome from their fathers). There are several different Y-DNA tests offered by FTDNA, including:

  • Y-37 (now FTDNA's lowest entry-level point for Y-DNA examining 37 short tandem repeats - STR - on the Y chromosome. You can upgrade to more markers in the future as funds permit.)
  • Y-67 (is now considered to be an ideal entry-level test for Y-DNA research, examining 67 short tandem repeats - STR - on the Y chromosome.)
  • Y-111 (currently the highest-level and best STR test available for Y-DNA paternal line research, examining 111 short tandem repeats on the Y chromosome.)
  • Big Y-700 (is an expert-level test that examines 700 short tandem repeats - STR - and 100K single nucleotide polymorphisms - SNPs - on the Y chromosome.)

Learn more about your Y-DNA testing options here: https://www.familytreedna.com/products/y-dna