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Pugh Surname Project Matching Funds:

Matching funds are now available for a direct male descendant of James Pugh (1665-1724), Robert ap Hugh (1670-1726+) or Ellis Pugh (1656-1718).

Matching funds are also available for a direct male descendant of Paul West (1848-1936) who was an African American slave until emancipation in 1865. Paul’s descendant’s DNA closely matches the DNA of the Pugh I lineage participants. Paul was born in Virginia or North Carolina and lived and died in the Christian and Trigg counties area of Kentucky. He had two known sons, William “Bud” West (1870-1968) and Jackson West (1880-1963).

Contact the Group Administrator for details on the current two matching funds.

Would you like to start your own matching fund? You may send an email to the Group Administrator indicating your willingness to aid a future participant with a matching funds offer. In that case you would not make the contribution until a potential participant responded to your offer. If there is a response, the Group Administrator will contact you with further details on how to make your contribution. If you would like to remain anonymous please indicate that in your email. Pugh Surname Project General Fund You may contribute to the Pugh Surname Project General Fund by clicking the link at the left of this page. Your contribution may be made to help participants of a particular Pugh line or for a non-specific participant in the Pugh Project. Just indicate on the contribution form (under "In Memory of") as to how to apply your contribution. Your contributions will be used to offset the cost of testing for those new participants who make a request through the Group Administrator. If you do not want your name to appear with your contribution please check the "Anonymous" box on the contribution form. if you want others to contribute to the general fund for this project send the following link: http://www.familytreedna.com/contribution.html The current General Fund status is shown on the Project Background page.

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