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El Proyecto ADN de Apellidos Puertorriqueños - The Puerto Rican DNA Project
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Attempting to ascertain relationships between descendants of colonial, Creole and indigenous inhabitants of Puerto Rico who lived when the bottleneck effect of our island population and the surname anarchy were a reality. Only requirement is that you MUST be a native Puerto Rican or child of a native Puerto Rican or at least one grandparent. In registering, inclusion of BOTH paternal and maternal surnames is required. Please write to the administrator at PuertoRico.DNAProject@yahoo.com for our pedigree form. Please, double check your email address, so that our -join code- email does not bounce. If you have AOL and another address please sign up with the other; DO NOT USE AOL address as they will not honor accent marks and our emails bounce back. Also, if you later wish to have other cousins tested, please let us know beforehand. Thank you

Note: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TESTED WITH FTDNA, DO NOT USE THIS JOIN REQUEST APPLICATION. Please, use the blue Join Project link on the left side of your MyFTDNA personal page.
FTDNA Web page: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/puertoricansurname
Note: Haplogroup R1b is the most common yDNA group in Europe. Because the overwhelming number of our yDNA group is R1b, we are now recommending that you start with the yDNA37 marker panel in order to join. The yDNA12 test may serve to eliminate whom you are NOT related to but it is insufficient to prove relationships within a genetic AND genealogical timeframe using only 12 markers for the purpose of our project.

Intentando probar parentescos entre descendientes de los primeros Colonos y Criollos que vivieron cuando el efecto de cuello de botella de la población y la anarquía de apellidos eran una realidad! Se REQUIERE que usted sea oriundo de, o hijo/a de alguien que es oriundo de Puerto Rico. Favor de no usar dirección en AOL, las mismas rebotan por los accentos en los nombres.
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