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November 2005: The Presley-Pressley Y-DNA Project welcomed its first participant from a location other than North America! Kit # 47877 belongs to a member of the PRESSLY family from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

May 2006: An adopted participant of another surname, hoping to identify his biological family, was found to share the Y-DNA of the Pressley family. Congratulations!

July 2006:
The Presley-Pressley DNA Project welcomes its first MtDNA participant!

September 2006:
A group of descendants from the WILSON family are found to share the Y-DNA of the Pressley family from South Carolina. A change in the paternal surname of Pressley to the maternal surname of Wilson occurred in 1880, according to census records. (Wow!)

November 2007:
The Presley-Pressley Y-DNA Project,to date, finds the overwhelming majority of participants to be from the southern U.S. states. This month we welcomed a Y-DNA participant from the PRESSLER family of Pennsylvania who has no known southern U.S. connections. This participant's results were found to match the southern U.S. lines of the Presley (Preslar, Pressley) family in 35 out of 37 markers. This is a significant event as it may help our project to trace its origins outside the United States, as some Pressler lines are known to be of German origin.