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(Updated 12 November 2018 by Tom Pratt)

We currently have 219 members and the following yDNAhaplogroups:

  • Haplogroup E – 6 members, with one distinct lineage group so far

  • Haplogroup G – 4 members

  • Haplogroup I – 30 members, with three distinct lineage groups so far

  • Haplogroup J – 3 members

  • Haplogroup R1a – 3 members

  • Haplogroup R1b – 98 members, with 10 distinct lineage groups so far

  • Haplogroup T – 2 members

Of all the lineage groups in R1b, the most exciting is lineage 3. It appears that Haplogroup R1b (lineage 3) groups together descendants of Phineas Pratt b. circa 1593, Joshua Pratt b. circa 1605, and Macuth Pratt b. circa 1595. It has long been suspected that Phineas and Joshua were brothers, but no relationship to Macuth Pratt (who lived in Weymouth, MA) has ever been described. Numerous online trees have placed Phineas and Joshua in Buckinghamshire, England with no documentation. Macuth Pratt is known to be of Aston-Clinton, Buckinghamshire and had several children baptized there before his immigration to New England. 

For an in-depth look at Macuth Pratt and his father, Thomas Pratt, see “The English Origin of Macuth (or Matthew) Pratt and Edward Bates of Weymouth, Mass”, The American Genealogist, volume 65 (1990), pages 33-43 and 89-95.

If you are in Haplogroup R1b (lineage 3), please consider upgrading your yDNA test to the BigY 500. If we can get at least one Big Y500 for each of the three lines, we should hopefully be able to determine the relationships of Phineas, Joshua, and Macuth Pratt.